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Josepssv showed me the world off Pierre Boulez. Thanks very much José.


February 07 2016 19:50:08
PexePexe remember me:
February 07 2016 19:46:42
PexePexe lie, this is my favourite
January 10 2016 11:05:10
MalCoMalCo Sureal Film Noir Hitchcock incidental it.😨😕😐😀
+0 January 10 2016 17:43:26 MalCoericblom
Thanks very much Malco, you gave this a beautiful name. I appreciate that
January 10 2016 08:02:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
January 10 2016 00:58:14
abuitremoremabuitremorem From the painting: art is a creative process (from an artist). I like that, but right now I can not play.
+0 January 10 2016 17:46:22 abuitremoremericblom
Thanks René. Not playing is no problemo at all. Maybe this track is no jam track, maybe for some inspiration...........??
January 09 2016 21:30:57
josepssvjosepssv It is not sad, is not cheerful .. not strange...
It's not ugly, not pretty.

Perhaps it is as abstract painting. the important thing is to enjoy composing.

I would make a list of the most PJC.
Frank Zappa!

+0 January 10 2016 17:47:18 josepssvericblom
These are very wise words, Thanks José
January 09 2016 21:12:37
AKchenAKchen I don´t know Piere Boulez ... love your creation smile.gif
+0 January 09 2016 22:09:35 AKchenjosepssv
There is a great controversy respect to this type of music.
- There is a cat on the piano?
- Boulez is a great composer
January 09 2016 22:14:35 AKchenAKchen
thank you for this link, at this moment I hear this: and Eric also ... this is beyond awesome smile.gif it fits !!!
January 09 2016 22:25:01 AKchenjosepssv
January 09 2016 22:46:02 AKchenAKchen
it must be so difficult for musicians to play it and follow him ... to much for me, but great art smile.gif
January 10 2016 17:51:38 AKchenericblom
Thanks Andrea. When I saw the You Tube Movie a new musical world opened. I did not study all the work off Pierre.What I saw and heard testifies to a great imagination and thought.
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