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I really love SP bass add so much, but I got to try to hammer this track with my baby, been a while a few days without music makes me like a trigger happy in my music playground! sorry if i hurts your ears :)

Just For Fun :)

hope any drummer wanna kick this one, or maybe guitar solo..or maybe some rhodes hahaha or maybe some cowbell, or maybe some tuba...whatever you like to add..feel freeeeee

So glad to be back home :)


January 13 2016 01:19:09
goldtop68goldtop68 so unexpected, so good!
+1 January 13 2016 13:04:16 goldtop68aleonz
LOL I'm trying GT hahaha this is really fun ! thank you so much
January 12 2016 04:41:49
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good tracksmile.gif
+1 January 12 2016 22:39:26 Lenny Cowleraleonz
Thank you's really need a killer drums smile.gif
January 11 2016 19:41:05
WadeWade Guess I should be glad you haven't taken up the sax (yet?). Solid bass.
January 11 2016 09:01:59
AlbyAlby Sounds great Alice!! smile.gif
+1 January 11 2016 17:25:54 Albyaleonz
Hah! hope i can play like you Alby...someday..someday hahahahahah Thank you
January 11 2016 20:48:58 AlbyAlby
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
January 11 2016 06:53:00
kennyadrykennyadry Alice!!!!!!YOU ARE A GUITAR HERO YOURSELF!!!!!!I HATE YOU!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!! I Think I am put my guitar on the drawer now Grin
+1 January 11 2016 17:24:59 kennyadryaleonz
you don;t have any idea how i pull of my guts to post that guitar hahahah no no no you my great brother is farrrrr on my reach, but you really did inspired me so much hahaha thank you Kenny!
January 11 2016 03:35:18
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow!! Very cool!)
+1 January 11 2016 03:49:31 SlonMusicaleonz
Hollaa Steve! thank you
January 11 2016 03:33:46
cody trippcody tripp Awesome
+1 January 11 2016 03:49:15 cody trippaleonz
Thank you so much Tom
January 10 2016 23:14:22
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Killer sound my dear! Very nice! smile.gif
+1 January 11 2016 03:48:42 frankyguitaraleonz
Thank you for listening Franky
January 10 2016 23:09:39
AKchenAKchen oh dear Alice, that´s so cool ... didn´t expect this, but sometimes also angels can be rough smile.gif
+1 January 11 2016 03:48:23 AKchenaleonz
feel so excited after a while not doing any music, have so much energy but my voice almost gone again after singin a few song..thank youuu smile.gif
January 11 2016 07:54:39 AKchenAKchen
oh I feel sorry ... I´m sure it will come back soon smile.gif
January 10 2016 22:48:39
frenziefrenzie Cool bass playing keep abusing that baby of yours alice! Grin
+1 January 11 2016 03:46:20 frenziealeonz
they told me play it till hurts ,hurts your finger till your finger feel numb...but it still hurts like hell hauhahaha Thank you Frenzie
Sounds like: [ Aleonz ] [ rock ]

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