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Tried to use each of the two bass tracks already here but wasn't having much luck. So I opted to simply play along with the ivax original. I've heard my add so many times I hope it's ok?

Thanks ivax... this is a real doozy **


September 09 2016 00:09:14
ivaxivax Bruce, I'm hearing this again and I'm delighted,like the tracks we play you and I together smile.gif
January 14 2016 20:04:26
WadeWade Could have been a train wreck but works. Well done.
+1 January 14 2016 21:40:28 WadePsycho
I'm glad you state your opinion and in a friendly, beneficial way. I must admit, I will probably try this again when my hand is not so sore smile.gif
January 13 2016 23:14:22
pklieschpkliesch Great twin guitars!
+1 January 14 2016 03:35:36 pklieschPsycho
Thanks Pat smile.gif
January 13 2016 22:44:16
RockzillaRockzilla Giggity!!!
+1 January 14 2016 03:34:43 RockzillaPsycho
Family guy... lol. Thanks Rock !!
January 13 2016 19:47:13
abuitremoremabuitremorem great Psycho smile.gif
+1 January 13 2016 21:52:29 abuitremoremPsycho
Really appreciate the ear abu smile.gif
January 13 2016 14:43:19
mortheolmortheol Psy - This is killer great match to ivax's guitar track. The drum track is great.
+1 January 13 2016 16:03:56 mortheolPsycho
Thanks Mort... ivax pick a good drum track for sure smile.gif
January 13 2016 12:54:51
aleonzaleonz When I saw that line, with 2 names of great fantastic guitar slayer of wikiloops, I know this must be killer, and I'm so so right!
+1 January 13 2016 16:02:21 aleonzPsycho
Well thanks very much Big Al smile.gif
January 13 2016 11:25:20
kennyadrykennyadry Two outstanding guitarists in a track. I love the stereo thing that is happenin! Awesome work by all!
+1 January 13 2016 16:01:53 kennyadryPsycho
Thanks Kenny... I've been trying to make the mixes better. So usually headphones work best.
January 13 2016 09:41:03
AKchenAKchen great rock, you all do so fab !!!
+1 January 13 2016 16:00:26 AKchenPsycho
I try AK... I hope others add to this and make it stronger smile.gif
January 13 2016 08:32:53
ivaxivax This is Psych, thanks really fantastic, you have an ideal tone for this add-on... thanks friend
+1 January 13 2016 15:59:44 ivaxPsycho
Thanks, I had fun with this ivax... a very good track you made. I tried to keep it low key for others to join in. Thanks again smile.gif
Sounds like: [ rock ]
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