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Wonderful track from Wikimark, freebird and Basster! Thank you guys, was a great trip!! :)


January 23 2016 19:54:21
ivaxivax Great Franky
+1 January 23 2016 21:55:23 ivaxfrankyguitar
Xavi, thank you very much! Thanx a lot for listensmile.gif
January 18 2016 14:28:30
WikimarkWikimark You got it more up tempo and it's great man I dig it smile.gif
+1 January 18 2016 16:12:42 Wikimarkfrankyguitar
Thank you Mark, such a wonderful Template you guys create here! I'm glad to be part of it smile.gif
January 18 2016 04:09:21
mortheolmortheol Hey Franky..wunderbar!!!!! This is great playing! This is also very much my style of playing. I really like great ambience
+1 January 18 2016 06:52:18 mortheolfrankyguitar
Thank you very much! It's Great for me to read you enjoy this ! smile.gif
January 17 2016 16:13:51
chrisbasschrisbass Thats niccce
+1 January 17 2016 16:24:03 chrisbassfrankyguitar
Thank you very much chris!
January 17 2016 13:32:46
SupJaxSupJax eerie? :V
awesome picks. well done tune. great vibe. and well played. Grin if i'd have to choose i'd call Southward a major frankysound, still. and this one a badass addition Grin nice work

+1 January 17 2016 14:11:50 SupJaxfrankyguitar
Thanx man! Really kind your words! I think this stuff is my comfort zone, I love this kind of music and I think I have a bit comprehension of it smile.gif Thanx JS
January 17 2016 12:21:41
BassterBasster Sounds awesome man - great add!! Wink
+1 January 17 2016 14:01:48 Bassterfrankyguitar
Thanx Basster, much appreciate it! smile.gif
January 17 2016 11:53:52
KellsBellsKellsBells Beautiful, atmospheric, eerie wailing guitar! LOVE it Franky! Great job my friend!
+1 January 17 2016 14:00:43 KellsBellsfrankyguitar
Kelly my dear friend, thank you very much! I'm very pleased you had an ear for it! smile.gif
January 17 2016 07:20:00
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 January 17 2016 13:55:29 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you Lenny smile.gif
January 17 2016 05:51:14
GirardGirard Cool jam
+1 January 17 2016 13:53:42 Girardfrankyguitar
Thanx a lot Captain G!!
January 17 2016 03:53:53
PsychoPsycho I agree, you have improved immensely. What did you do... sell your soul smile.gif This a great eerie guitar track !!
+1 January 17 2016 13:49:29 Psychofrankyguitar
LOL, I'm not Dr. Faustus, thank you very much Psy! I'm learning from the best smile.gif?
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