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This is my first template upload on Wikiloops.
It was a tune that came per accident :p

Now let's jam! :D


September 18 2016 01:56:37
ivaxivax great my friend smile.gif
January 25 2016 11:58:45
chrisbasschrisbass very niccce
+1 January 25 2016 15:54:47 chrisbassL3N
Check out the remixes smile.gif i'm stonnished! (Did I pronounced that well?)
January 24 2016 00:37:03
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens I'd lost interest around here the last six months or so, as I usually need cool keyboard tracks to peep me up. (Red Robin etc) I like what I'm hearing, Lennert. smile.gif
+1 January 24 2016 04:49:31 Rod_StevensL3N
Wow! , well didn't realize it was that good. I want you to know that I really appreciate your comment. But also want to say that I'm glad that you've got your inspiration back on wikiloops.

I hear you do play things very Dire Straits like. And I'm really impressed how you got his tone of Mark Knopfler and emotion pronounced in your playing.

Hopefully we can make a Dire Straits sounding like jam. If you like that Rod. Because there are many good musicians out there on the loops who can keep on track with you smile.gif
January 22 2016 03:59:21
schwaglrschwaglr Congrats on this template! It's grown into quite a track!
January 21 2016 17:01:45
YoWildYoWild \m/ \m/
+1 January 21 2016 17:02:27 YoWildL3N
Nice Add! Grin \m/
January 20 2016 17:20:47
garymcmillgarymcmill Excellent
+1 January 21 2016 07:45:34 garymcmillL3N
Thank you Garymcmill, the additions from Lenny Crowler and DannyK making this arrangement a real blast!

You're free to make your version smile.gif
January 20 2016 15:08:27
aleonzaleonz sweet progression L3N, very nice! welcome to the loops!
+1 January 20 2016 15:35:22 aleonzL3N
Thank you Aleonz! Really apreciate it! Grin
January 18 2016 21:38:22
OliVBeeOliVBee nice playing smile.gif welcome onboard !
+1 January 18 2016 23:48:08 OliVBeeL3N
Thank you! You're doing also a good job on all of your tracks Grin
January 18 2016 19:02:32
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice soundscape!
+1 January 18 2016 19:03:42 akethesnakerL3N
Thank you!! Please be free to add some soundscapes of yours Wink
January 18 2016 19:13:27 akethesnakerakethesnaker
I`m at least gonna try somethingGrin
January 18 2016 20:29:57 akethesnakerL3N
It's really guitarist friendly smile.gif (i've tried it by myself)
January 18 2016 17:51:04
BalfoBalfo Sounds great, welcome on wiki L3N!
+1 January 18 2016 18:57:49 BalfoL3N
Thank you!! And thanks glad to being here smile.gif
January 19 2016 00:43:29 BalfoL3N
Thank you Baflo! smile.gif

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