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Remix of this great song by Alice, (special thanks to Marc!!) and - now Adam mixed in. (Adam, the bass sounds as like you turn the tone off, cos it's direct record, and mp3.. I prefer wave or aiff files. But very cool playing man!)
I also played a bit with the fantastic back vocals from Alice in the ending... Added some guitar solo, but i wanted to hear your voices through the whole final part! Hope, you like it!
The track needs a solo in the middle.. Sax, hammond, piano, something else?
(And yeah, I lengthened the track a bit - to enjoy a groove in the beginning.. Used a piece of Adam's line, when he played close to the bridge)
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January 26 2016 22:03:18
LizanderforuLizanderforu Nice Job.. smile.gif
January 25 2016 12:49:24
FrankieJFrankieJ Fabulous.
January 24 2016 19:28:12
WadeWade What a great song from Alice and Marc. Now getting filled out and mixed to perfection. So good.
January 24 2016 17:29:31
AdamDownLoAdamDownLo Yes! This is very well done. Great job mixing and with the extension! I love the did an excellent job with the parts that were already there and fitting in your movement.
+1 January 25 2016 05:02:33 AdamDownLoSlonMusic
Thank you so muchsmile.gif
January 24 2016 17:14:07
aleonzaleonz wooohooo this is so great, I was a bit in doubt at "here come the station" maybe because it was too quite at that time, but you really give a very great touch and that part become so so so cool ! well done Steve!

ps: if you (maybe) make another mix, I hear the 1st adlibs (ouch part at the beginning, maybe you can drag a little bit so it can sync with the drums beat?) that is the only thing smile.gif thank youuu

+2 January 24 2016 17:27:30 aleonzAdamDownLo
If another remix happens, I can get you a better bass file. I forgot that I could do a wav file of just the bass part.
January 25 2016 04:49:28 aleonzSlonMusic
Would be great, Adam! When you record a mono instrument (bass, sax, guitar, lead vocal), save it like MONO wave file(a mono file takes up much less disk space). And for stereo instruments with panorama of the channels ( drums, keys, back vocals, a few guitars, a few saxs etc - need save it like stereosmile.gif
January 25 2016 05:01:46 aleonzSlonMusic
So glad you liked this mix Alice! And of course if you want, i'll sync your 'ouch' part with this changed drums, hope you'll like the result, and thank YOU! Love your vocals - always perfect and amazing!!
January 24 2016 14:40:02
MarceysMarceys That's a cool remix Steve! Great guitarsolo at the end and the backings of Alice give a very cool feel under that at the end!
Love it all the way, there is room for a cool solo indeed! smile.gif Compliments for you mixing Steve!

+1 January 25 2016 04:31:18 MarceysSlonMusic
Compliments for your add Marc! What about solo?smile.gif
January 25 2016 07:01:16 MarceysMarceys
Maybe something comes up tonight!
January 24 2016 13:54:02
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic
+1 January 25 2016 04:29:34 cody trippSlonMusic
January 24 2016 13:21:04
UloisiusUloisius coool ;o)
+1 January 25 2016 04:29:20 UloisiusSlonMusic
Thank you man!)
January 24 2016 12:52:16
ShiShi cool and funkeeeeesmile.gif
+1 January 25 2016 04:29:05 ShiSlonMusic
Shi! Thank you!
January 24 2016 11:35:49
TofzegritTofzegrit The bass is spot on! Great Steve solo too and hop !
A new Hit smile.gif

+2 January 25 2016 04:28:43 TofzegritSlonMusic
Sounds like: [ funk ] [ aleonz marceys slon ] [ adamdownlo ]

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