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I was working on a different tune and Marc's song appeared. My world stopped, my pen started moving and this came out. As a former nurse, I have worked at nursing homes and hospitals. I have been there holding the hand of someone who was dying...and as sad as that is, what an honor to afford someone such a comfort in their final moments when they have no one else left. I never have lyrics until I hear the music...but this tune brought all the stories back. I must apologize, I did multiple takes at the end. I could not stop my tears. They were already flowing from hearing Marc's piano and then I was flooded with memories. So please forgive my shaky vocals. I learned a lot from all the amazing people I have helped who had entire lifetimes of advice to share. This is dedicated to those long gone, who taught me so much. Thank you, lyrics


August 02 2016 01:47:13
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal KellsBells
April 15 2016 11:42:46
NeddingsNeddings Wow, never heard this one before but it hits on the heart strings. Very well sung Kells and great arrangement by Liesching
+2 April 15 2016 14:53:51 NeddingsKellsBells
Thank you Neddings! smile.gif
March 11 2016 19:43:20
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Very nice the reflective lyrics ...nice one
+1 March 12 2016 01:51:48 TEE-KWAKellsBells
Thank you Tee-Kwa. Very much appreciated. smile.gif
February 27 2016 20:12:31
heliandrosheliandros deep emotion, nearly too much to stand...
thank you both of you for this touching experience

February 09 2016 21:09:51
ALawrence1ALawrence1 Beautiful vocals!
February 08 2016 00:47:08
HaffastHaffast The emotion is this song is the epitome of what it is the music of supposed to be able to do to us. Amazing work Kelly! words cannot express how touching this was and how deep it is.

Haunting is a word I often use to describe your vocals, but these lyrics give that new meaning.

Bravo, my friend. Bravo

February 06 2016 09:43:13
XXXdustyXXXdusty very beautiful song
+1 February 06 2016 14:51:31 XXXdustyKellsBells
Thank you kindly, Dusty. smile.gif
February 06 2016 03:06:55
GlezBassGlezBass Very nice Kells
+1 February 06 2016 03:50:59 GlezBassKellsBells
Thanks you Glez! smile.gif
February 04 2016 10:45:46
bleymehlbleymehl Very emotional song! Love it!
February 01 2016 00:20:37
AlbyAlby Lovely song!!
+1 February 01 2016 15:49:20 AlbyKellsBells
Thank you Alby. smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Liesching ] [ KellsBells ] [ Piano ] [ Ballad ] [ Sad ]

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