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All these great saxplayers on wiki!if any off you like to join in...? I had in mind... long notes in the second vers with the strings,an 8 bar solo and when the sologuitar sets in.. never mind..time to blow your soul out!!, the coda is also for the sax..if you have another idea..go head..even other instruments can find some room in this song I think ..have fun Wiki's


February 08 2016 16:13:46
LieschingLiesching Like the relaxing vibe a lot, John.
January 31 2016 14:12:15
pklieschpkliesch Unique sound. Cool atmosphere, John! smile.gif
+1 January 31 2016 16:21:44 pklieschfanne
Thanks Patrick! glad you like it!
January 30 2016 14:16:46
BalfoBalfo Superklasse!
+1 January 31 2016 16:14:51 Balfofanne
Thanks Balfo!
January 30 2016 09:46:30
aleonzaleonz ah this is really cool song John!
+1 January 31 2016 16:21:09 aleonzfanne
Thanks Alice!I can't sing so I take my guitar as a substitute smile.gif
January 29 2016 20:56:55
FrankieJFrankieJ Very nice.
+1 January 29 2016 21:31:01 FrankieJfanne
Thanks Frankie!
January 29 2016 20:36:41
WadeWade promises and when it comes up I won't have your instructions so will probably do it all wrong. If you want to write a chart I can play it...otherwise no guarantees.

By the way...another good one. I like the sound and melodic intent of this. Very creative. Excellent production.

+1 January 29 2016 21:30:08 Wadefanne
Thanks Wade for willin to make an add! Your free to play whatever you want of course but I thought it would be nice to play long notes in the background from 2.30 on and let the hell breal loose at 3.51 even when the guitar sets in sort of multi-melody and let the gaspedal a bit loose at 4.18...just a thought,glad you wanne jump on this one!
January 29 2016 20:21:41
MishteriaMishteria Very nice Johnv!smile.gif
+1 January 29 2016 21:15:54 Mishteriafanne
Thanks Mish!
January 29 2016 19:03:47
AKchenAKchen sehr sehr schön smile.gif ... und happy end Wink
+1 January 29 2016 21:15:29 AKchenfanne
Vielen Dank für das nette Kompliment AKchen!
January 29 2016 18:40:22
YoWildYoWild Smokin cool!
+1 January 29 2016 21:13:20 YoWildfanne
Thanks YoWild for the nice comment!
January 29 2016 18:32:08
UloisiusUloisius Hui, this is very cool ;o)
+1 January 29 2016 21:11:54 Uloisiusfanne
Thanks Ulo!

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