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Amazing track of Pete-Silence and Alice!

Did some low and high strings, some piano, rhodes and phazerrhodes...

Left the space for the solo's wide open!

hope you like it!

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March 10 2016 01:11:11
PsychoPsycho How did I miss this whole tree... very well done Marc !!
+1 June 11 2016 11:08:39 PsychoMarceys
Thanks a lot!
March 09 2016 20:48:27
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Wonderful arrangements on this great song Marceys smile.gif
+1 March 09 2016 20:53:51 GuitarPlyrMarceys
Thanks a lot! Became a cool track!
February 11 2016 05:40:43
JaymnyJaymny Such a great tune man. everything about it sticks in your head and stays there. Thats a good thing. Hope I do It justice.
+1 February 11 2016 15:59:16 JaymnyMarceys
Thanks Jaymny, just accompaning this great track! Love to hear your drums man! smile.gif
February 04 2016 13:48:23
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great Marcey!
+1 February 11 2016 15:58:09 akethesnakerMarceys
Thanks Ake!
February 03 2016 20:04:03
WadeWade Perfect lovely key touches that give beautiful accents. Not as convinced by the strings as their attack is too slow and comes in too far off the beat.
+1 February 03 2016 23:53:12 WadeMarceys
Thanks Wade, think the slow strings are cool though! But it can sound bad when the bass will play it on the "expected" time... smile.gif
February 04 2016 01:36:26 WadeWade
No matter as the drum add snaps the time back and makes it work where the strings go into the background.
February 03 2016 13:16:01
nuno1959nuno1959 Lovely add you brought here Marceys, like 5* Expert
seasoning by a Michelin Chef ! Bon Apétit indeed.. Wink

+1 February 03 2016 14:29:49 nuno1959Marceys
Merci bien Nuno! Glad you like it! smile.gif
February 03 2016 03:50:59
kennyadrykennyadry Great add marc!!! I love the low strings on the intro. You're backing is as always perfect smile.gif
+1 February 03 2016 12:48:26 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! I hope I gave it some extra flavours! Was cool to work on the track! smile.gif
February 02 2016 23:21:22
aleonzaleonz Oh what a lovely adds, I've been waiting for this but...honestly it's a bit far from my, dark green, yellow...this track is so colorful now...Thank you so much Marc!
+1 February 03 2016 12:46:10 aleonzMarceys
I'm no good at painting on paper so I have to give colour with music...

Way cool track Alice!
February 03 2016 17:53:27 aleonzaleonz
I think you did quite good on painting on chalk board Wink
February 03 2016 18:44:44 aleonzMarceys
Haha, you are very easy to please Alice!
February 03 2016 18:49:53 aleonzaleonz
a little simple thing for some people mean so much for other smile.gif
February 02 2016 21:50:18
GatorblueGatorblue Marc, you're playing is excellent here. -Gator
+1 February 03 2016 12:42:49 GatorblueMarceys
Thanks Gator!
February 02 2016 20:25:34
FurlanoFurlano I only can say "rich sounds", Marceys ! (I hope you understand what I mean) !
+1 February 02 2016 20:54:27 FurlanoMarceys
well, I think you like the sounds but the playing wasn't that interesting... can imagine that... just painted a bit over the great guitar and awesome vocals! smile.gif
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