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Loved this killer rock template, irresistible so.. i had a go at it !
The mix is not all that good but man, did i try or.. ? I just suck at recording & mixing that's all :
Never manage to get my recordings sounding as live !! You'll have to ''fill in the blanks''..
I still hope you enjoy it.


March 23 2016 03:38:58
WadeWade You're being far too self critical. Sound more than fine to me with that cross between bass and melodic lines stepping forward and back.
+1 March 23 2016 03:46:48 Wadenuno1959
It's just frustration of comparing my live sound w/ the ''final product'' & there's just something that gets .. lost ? Somewhere !! Wink
March 23 2016 09:24:15 WadeWade
Imagine having to use a microphone for everything. No direct interface of any kind...ever!! Nothing can be done except to do the best you can. Microphone position, external noise, differences in volume, tone, timbre, all variable and all out of your control. Think again about how lucky you are to be in a completely electronic environment in which it's possible to fix everything and completely control your sound. Maybe you're frustrated at not knowing yet how to do that, but believe me it can be worse when dependent on a microphone with no real fix.
March 23 2016 14:44:45 Wadenuno1959
ARRGGHHHH !! No please no !!
After that description i PROMISE i won't complain ever again !!! Grin
March 23 2016 20:01:17 WadeWade
Deal...neither of us complains. Love the moment and what you're doing. If we can capture something of that joy, then it's good.
February 20 2016 04:46:49
RelativityRelativity inspire me Nuno!
+1 February 23 2016 05:25:52 Relativitynuno1959
Thanks man, good to know it Wink
February 09 2016 01:27:49
Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight Great job Nuno!
+1 February 09 2016 02:48:27 Jedi_Knightnuno1959
Glad you liked it but i've got to say exactly the same about your drumming - fine work JK !!
February 06 2016 01:09:59
RKaneRKane Awesome work from all. Props.
+2 February 06 2016 04:59:20 RKanenuno1959
Thanks man, appreciated ! Wink
February 04 2016 20:59:41
aleonzaleonz Oh wow...Nuno! you really give a very thick wonderful color to this song, wonderful bass line , and that sounds signature of your just perfect for this killer song!
+1 February 05 2016 01:23:15 aleonznuno1959
It's a thrill you enjoyed this, i certainly had a ball jamming !! Wink
Thanks Alice..
February 04 2016 19:23:29
BalfoBalfo Fine bass sounds here Nuno!
+1 February 05 2016 00:01:38 Balfonuno1959
Cheers for that my friend !!
February 04 2016 15:55:21
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good brosmile.gif
+2 February 04 2016 16:40:08 Lenny Cowlernuno1959
Thanks Lenny, such a ''catchy tune'' how could i resist ? Wink
February 04 2016 11:07:02
BassterBasster Nuno - you are a bass monster Wink

Awesome dude!! Wink

+2 February 04 2016 16:39:19 Bassternuno1959
AHH ! That coming from somebody i consider a bass monster IS indeed a big compliment.. Wink
Thank you my friend !!
February 04 2016 08:28:17
kennyadrykennyadry Hooowww yeaaah! Great bass that cuts thru this heavy laiden track! You're a certified bass melodical soloist my friend Grin
+2 February 04 2016 16:38:37 kennyadrynuno1959
Thanks Kenny but hey, the original mix is so good, it would be hard not to get it sounding right !! Wink
February 04 2016 08:23:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Fantastic add Nuno!! Grin Rocks
+2 February 04 2016 16:37:40 frankyguitarnuno1959
Good to know you enjoyed it Frankie, thanks !!
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