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Ok, I finally made a take I like on this track (I went through a few ideas that I ended up not liking first). This is the first recording on wikiloops of this particular bass, too, and I tried out some different recording techniques. I hope you folks dig it. It's a great original track!show lyrics


February 14 2016 11:19:15
aleonzaleonz oh my, that 1st hit really take my breath away Adam! you really really nailed this track in a very smooth and cool way, man I really love this bass of yours, your flow really relax all my nerves!
+1 February 14 2016 14:35:22 aleonzAdamDownLo
Thank you, Alice! I'm so glad that you like it. The track you made was so cool and chill, I just tried to keep up with it!
February 10 2016 03:55:31
schwaglrschwaglr Just a stunning track. Great job all!
February 08 2016 16:32:46
ZamzamZamzam You did it!
+1 February 08 2016 20:15:05 ZamzamAdamDownLo
Yeah, but I had to slash the lows across the board, and I miss your kick. I hope you dig the new bass.
February 07 2016 17:56:15
LizanderforuLizanderforu bass cool smile.gif
+1 February 07 2016 22:08:01 LizanderforuAdamDownLo
Thank you! smile.gif
February 07 2016 17:16:16
OliVBeeOliVBee very cool playing and great sound smile.gif
+1 February 07 2016 22:07:26 OliVBeeAdamDownLo
Thank you! I'm slowly getting better at capturing the voices of my basses. I'm glad you like this one!
February 07 2016 15:10:34
MarceysMarceys Adam!! This is a killer bassline! It's good all through the track! Perfect flow and groove tha fits this track so cool!

Your choice of playing a different note here: 04:33 is way cool! Thanks for your great ride man, it's so cool! smile.gif

+2 February 07 2016 22:04:19 MarceysAdamDownLo
Thank you, Marc! My first take on the tune was to go to Dm like that every time (or at least more often). I finally settled on this part when I walked away humming it for a day. I love how it sits with those string quarter notes of yours!
February 08 2016 16:33:26 MarceysZamzam
February 07 2016 06:00:27
SlonMusicSlonMusic Absolutely cool line!! Also killer tone..Love it)
+1 February 07 2016 22:02:29 SlonMusicAdamDownLo
Thanks much! I'm trying to improve my recording technique and equipment as I go. The tone I have here captures this particular bass well. I ordered this bass in 1998 and it's my baby! So many hours logged on this one. I'm glad you like it!
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