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A great track with super chords of Tof!

Did some piano over the guitartrack! Was hard to stay in the wonderfull groove of Tof but think it worked out well after all! Hope there can be some drums to it. This track is gonna need a groovebass to it!

Thanks for the great time Tof! Enjoyed playing on it a lot!!!


Maybe the keys have to be lowered a bit in volume in a new remix!


February 11 2016 20:27:31
pklieschpkliesch Workshop perfect. Super Template, Marc!
+1 February 11 2016 22:00:51 pklieschMarceys
Thanks Patrick! Was a good lesson! smile.gif
February 11 2016 10:28:57
kennyadrykennyadry Very cool track from the M&T! smile.gif Lovely chords that shines well with the TOf's guitar! Bravo Marc!
+1 February 11 2016 15:54:01 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! Tried to play something to it and not over it....
February 11 2016 02:15:35
nuno1959nuno1959 TASTILICIOUS ! 'nuff said.. Wink
+1 February 11 2016 07:22:23 nuno1959Marceys
smile.gif Glad you like it nuno!
February 11 2016 00:50:31
kimbokimbo ....pity about the end stop
+2 February 11 2016 07:09:19 kimboTofzegrit
My own fault smile.gif
February 11 2016 07:21:54 kimboMarceys
Yeah... true... tried a ending chord but it didn't work that good!...
February 11 2016 00:39:02
kimbokimbo this is gonna get some for sure! sorry in advance...but i can't leave this one alone...its to good1
+1 February 11 2016 07:21:08 kimboMarceys
Allready enjoying your play on this one kimbo! smile.gif smile.gif
February 10 2016 23:56:37
TofzegritTofzegrit Next time; I will send you an mp3 and chords grid cause I Wonder what is the role of guitar now !!
A great piano you play here Marc smile.gif

The cout-in piece of rhythm as was my original pattern to play.

+1 February 11 2016 07:20:25 TofzegritMarceys
Sorry if I stepped on your guitar Tof, wasn't intentionally! Tried to play some notes in between but maybe it worked out to busy!
Well I enjoyed playing it a lot! smile.gif
February 10 2016 23:45:42
mpointonmpointon Outstanding from you both! Some fantastic layering between you. So much scope with this one!
+1 February 11 2016 07:19:30 mpointonMarceys
Thanks Martin! Tof laid some great chords in a cool groove here! smile.gif
February 10 2016 22:16:51
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Like that very much! Excellent Marc!
+1 February 10 2016 23:45:37 frankyguitarMarceys
Great franky! Was good playing to Tofs guitar! smile.gif
February 10 2016 21:29:20
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Marc... Very sensitive and balanced add from you... Hearing you track after track, I more and more appreciate the way you catch a musical theme...
Thanks Marc...

+2 February 10 2016 23:45:03 FunkystanMarceys
Thanks man! Having lots of fun with all these cool tracks here! smile.gif
February 10 2016 23:47:00 FunkystanFunkystan
I know what you're talking about ^^
February 10 2016 21:21:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent playsmile.gif
+1 February 10 2016 23:43:16 Lenny CowlerMarceys
Thanks Lenny!

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