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Cody, probably not what you had in mind when you composed this track:) Think early Beatles or late 50s Paul Anka! Had to raise the pitch up a couple of steps to suit my voice. Hope you don't mind. I sure had fun with it. I could live off of your tracks for the rest of my days! show lyrics


February 18 2016 20:52:04
ivaxivax very good Lawrence
+0 February 18 2016 20:58:21 ivaxALawrence1
Thank you. You may call me by my first name, Andrea, if you like.
February 18 2016 21:03:04 ivaxivax
hello Andrea my name is Xavi
February 19 2016 14:28:24 ivaxALawrence1
Pleased to meet you Xavi. Thank you for listening and for your compliments!
February 16 2016 22:23:29
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho
+1 February 16 2016 22:34:23 francisco alALawrence1
February 14 2016 22:01:43
cody trippcody tripp Really Cool
+1 February 14 2016 22:12:29 cody trippALawrence1
Thank you!
February 14 2016 21:59:27
NeronickNeronick Modern transposing is kind of a wonder smile.gif
February 14 2016 20:53:28
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool!
+0 February 14 2016 21:04:59 jmrukkersALawrence1
Thanks Jm! Was trying to work on that blues track that Frenzie put up but kept coming back to this!

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