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I used open tuning on this track - DADGAE. Cheers


March 18 2016 19:16:27
FRANK2654FRANK2654 Cally...GREAT!!! YOUR NOW ON MY FOLLOW LIST...maybe we can do more together.
+0 March 18 2016 22:05:24 FRANK2654callyfizak
Thanks Frank...much appreciated. Great drum track....really enjoyed playing along. I've got you on my follow list now also so happy to stay in touch. Best. Cally.
February 29 2016 17:57:43
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great guitar and singin' style here smile.gif
February 28 2016 21:05:47
MarceysMarceys Great singing man!
February 27 2016 21:58:16
pklieschpkliesch Very cool song, Cally! Welcome to the Loops!!!! smile.gif
February 26 2016 10:34:29
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool. Welcome!
February 21 2016 18:04:48
aduadu Great! I hear a touch from Smashing Pumpkins. I like this style a lot! Very good singing! Welcome to the Loops! smile.gif
+0 February 21 2016 20:41:42 aducallyfizak
Thanks a lot....much appreciated. have to admit i do love the Smashing Pumkins!
February 20 2016 16:20:29
OliVBeeOliVBee cool song smile.gif gotta love open tunings Wink
February 19 2016 20:40:23
petebasspetebass Hi CalWink another cool track- nice one mateWinksmile.gif
+0 February 19 2016 20:57:40 petebasscallyfizak
Hi Pete and was really great fun!
February 19 2016 20:34:55
garymcmillgarymcmill Like your style.
+0 February 19 2016 20:56:14 garymcmillcallyfizak
Thanks Gary....those drums really help tie the room together!
February 19 2016 20:25:34
ShiShi I like this from you callyfizak ! nice stripped back sound. would be cool to know the lyrics smile.gif
+0 February 19 2016 20:41:35 Shicallyfizak
Hi Shi and thanks v much. The lyrics are:

Tell your friend to relax
There's no way out and no way back
Tell your friend to relax
It's just the space in time
That comes to mind
Your the light, I've seen you shine
Your the light, I've seen you shine

Its basically about telling a friend (or even yourself) that you don't maybe see them in the same way as they see (or feel) about themselves, to not be to hard on themselves and to just give it time and they'll be back...they'll shine.

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