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Trying to kick my self back on track, a few weeks without singin makes me feel "mehh", got this song from ZamZam list, and I think it's very cool to warm up my engine, hope you still can enjoy it!

So good to jam again!
Thank you for listening :)

ps: I leave some little clean spot..cmon and join!


April 03 2016 23:48:47
WadeWade Just trying to catch up with all the wonderful tracks you've posted while I've been "out of it". This one is such a good fit with the ZAM Man's track. Great clone backing and your beautiful lead with luscious bedroom lyrics.
+1 April 04 2016 13:29:38 Wadealeonz
ZZ music got it's own unique challenge, Thank you very much Wade, I really enjoyed reading every notes from you, and get you listening my track, and all your suggestions everything means so much for me, and I always glad to see you around this wikiloops smile.gif looking forward to hear your post smile.gif
February 27 2016 15:30:23
AKchenAKchen your mehh is beautiful smile.gif
+1 April 04 2016 13:22:50 AKchenaleonz
hahahah thank you so much Andreasmile.gif
February 23 2016 23:52:27
goldtop68goldtop68 sweet track glad your back
+1 February 26 2016 07:42:05 goldtop68aleonz
Thank you so much GT
February 22 2016 21:28:15
pklieschpkliesch Alice, such a sweet recurrence! Glad you're back smile.gif
+1 February 23 2016 11:31:49 pklieschaleonz
thank you very much Pat!
February 22 2016 10:57:08
kennyadrykennyadry Alice, alice, alice smile.gif Thank you for coming back with a sweet sweet thing!!! I think you song sounds more like we were the one's singing cos we were waiting for you! smile.gif Glad you're here now smile.gif
+1 February 23 2016 11:30:28 kennyadryaleonz
Kenny Kenny Kenny, thank you so much, it's feels so good to play in this loop land again
February 22 2016 09:59:54
mpointonmpointon Welcome back, Alice! You're sounding in fine fettle again smile.gif As always, a super track and performance. A pleasure to listen to you.
+1 February 23 2016 11:29:42 mpointonaleonz
thank you Martin, my ears feel so sensitive , thought I need to go a bit slow, but it's good to do something here again
February 22 2016 08:18:23
StefStef Fantastic Alice! Wonderful vocal weaving! smile.gif
+1 February 23 2016 11:28:05 Stefaleonz
thank you so much Stef! so good to be here again smile.gif
February 22 2016 04:58:07
SlonMusicSlonMusic So good to listen to your new song Alice! Very, very cool one, and don't forget - we all waiting for your musicsmile.gif
+1 February 23 2016 11:27:41 SlonMusicaleonz
Hi Steve, so happy to be able to jam again, really miss the fun smile.gif
February 22 2016 00:28:11
BabbazittBabbazitt cool!!!
+1 February 22 2016 04:13:54 Babbazittaleonz
Thank you Ian!
February 22 2016 05:49:52 BabbazittBabbazitt
I missed you!!
February 21 2016 23:05:52
FrankieJFrankieJ Lovely Alice.
Glad your back.

+1 February 22 2016 04:13:42 FrankieJaleonz
Thank you so much Frankie
Sounds like: [ Aleonz ] [ Zam Zam ] [ Jazz ]

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