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HD file is the "only" guitars and vocals track ^^
If anything needed, do not hesitate to mail me...

I first want to thanks Martin (mpointon) who has kindly mailed me his drums track N°35092 and allowed me to upload it here.
(Number 35092 ONLY DRUMS template doesn't exist)

Four days ago, I was fed up with TV news and decided to listen to an abandoned project...
But I've only listened to the drums tracks, grabbed my guitar and things went out of my control ^^

Martin told me that N°35092 was part of his first mic takes here.
So Martin, I've got to improve a lot, but at this point of my learning, I've done my best on the global sounding 'cause this drums track is very well played and has a root/raw jam colour... And I guess it souds^^

Great fun for me to turn nut on this... Thanks Martin.



June 08 2016 20:26:13
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)
+1 June 08 2016 22:36:37 UloisiusFunkystan
Thanks a lot my friend ^^
March 04 2016 14:35:23
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Martin, Thanks a lot, and thanks again for having dropboxed me your track ^^
Question answer was a natural riff when starting to work on it. But I wanted the end to turn punk a way and for the Q/A ending part, I paneled and EQ mixed two guitars each side to make it sound as a cello at 3:16.
Always a pleasure to use your drums. I feel like I'm in tune with the way you play your transition parts and structure. So I can naturally lay on.
Actually working on your "cops track"^^

March 04 2016 12:35:28
mpointonmpointon This is brilliant, Stan! Great guitar work - 0:43 question & answer is excellent! - and cool singing as well! Thanks for using my drums on this superb track smile.gif
+1 March 06 2016 11:37:58 mpointonFunkystan
My reply up there... ^^
March 01 2016 20:26:49
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great song smile.gif I liked the funny spirit in'
+1 March 01 2016 20:33:45 GuitarPlyrFunkystan
Thanks a lot... I try to stay funny when making nasty remarks... ^^
March 01 2016 20:36:19 GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr
good way smile.gif
March 01 2016 18:27:23
FunkystanFunkystan Many thanks relativity ^^
Coming from your trained ear, it motivates me ^^

March 01 2016 18:17:34
RelativityRelativity Love it , Stan! Excellent!
+1 March 01 2016 18:28:19 RelativityFunkystan
I've replied up there, So thanks again ^^
March 01 2016 17:22:26
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Stan
+1 March 01 2016 17:41:40 jmrukkersFunkystan
Thanks a lot JM ^^
March 01 2016 13:16:26
FunkystanFunkystan Hey, thanks man ^^
March 01 2016 13:10:47
YoWildYoWild Yeah yess man. Cool!
+1 March 01 2016 13:16:43 YoWildFunkystan
Thanks ^^
March 01 2016 03:56:28
TofzegritTofzegrit I like this "Wild" Side smile.gif
Bravo Stan

+1 March 01 2016 08:42:28 TofzegritFunkystan
Thanks Tof, I first wanted to call it "Torch that Gino's wig" ;-) I'm gonna further explore this side ^^

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