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Luscious chords from FreshFunk. Sopranino accompaniment.


March 24 2016 09:32:59
OliVBeeOliVBee you know i love your sopranino ! especially when it's this soft and mellow smile.gif awsome playing buddy !
+1 March 24 2016 10:44:32 OliVBeeWade
I had hoped that you would give this a listen. Thanks.
March 21 2016 20:50:06
ShiShi I really like how your sax just floats in like a soft cloud and compliments Fresh's guitar so well Wade smile.gif
March 05 2016 17:21:09
frenziefrenzie Oh yeah very good my friend! Love this one! smile.gif
+1 March 05 2016 23:04:04 frenzieWade
Cheers Frenzie. Hope we can collaborate on something soon.
March 05 2016 09:44:40
aleonzaleonz feel like your sax and ff's guitar are longing to each other Wade, your melody so so lovely !
+1 March 05 2016 23:03:29 aleonzWade
You are so sweet Ms Alice. Just trying to fit with the mood set by F.F. What he created is lovely.
March 04 2016 17:53:02
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk absolutely great fine add from you - thanks for share this one smile.gif
wonderful played

+1 March 04 2016 23:36:03 @FreshFunkWade
So pleased that you like it. You are obviously the inspiration. The intention was to accompany you and (if possible) further bring out the beauty of your composition. .
March 04 2016 15:56:03
aduadu Your music makes me float on scores through the air. Nice view up here. Thanks Wade smile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 23:33:34 aduWade
Lovely image Adu. I like the idea of air floating music.
March 04 2016 12:58:45
frankyguitarfrankyguitar What a wonderful addition Wade! Kenny had all sayedsmile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 23:32:08 frankyguitarWade
Hey Franky, glad you like. Nice to go to those still and quiet places sometimes.
March 04 2016 11:40:07
LieschingLiesching Soft and tender! Just love the way you´re handling your instrument, Wade.
+1 March 04 2016 23:29:57 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc. The sopranino seems to be becoming a specialty instrument for me. Others don't seem to be interested in its unique qualities/possibilities. Well, it's always been my philosophy that if I can't be good I can always be "different".
March 04 2016 11:01:54
GuadañaGuadaña This is so beautiful!!!! You complete the song in the right way.
+1 March 04 2016 23:19:10 GuadañaWade
Thanks so much for your listen and comment. The object was to just bring forward the beauty already there.
March 04 2016 23:25:41 GuadañaGuadaña
You've got it and complete it with such good taste my friend.
March 04 2016 10:24:58
AKchenAKchen beautiful melody from you smile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 23:17:30 AKchenWade
Thanks Akchen. Funny that there are several comments about melody. I was really trying to remain in the background as accompaniment, but I guess the timbre of the sopranino makes it seem like the lead instrument regardless.
March 05 2016 03:45:33 AKchenAKchen
I find it in each add of you, so talented with melodies you are are a great musician smile.gif

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