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One of the lessons learned on this place:
Playing behind a singer! then when they are two... ?!!!
And when they are Alice & Marc
So nice music added around the initial upload from Pedersen
A wild Clavinet from Peixe completed wit keys by magic Marc, a pure class bass from Adam... So I have added some... Guitar

I hope I've learned well and that I am at the right place
(don't care if I am the right man :) :)
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March 05 2016 11:11:16
FrankieJFrankieJ You are on a roll sire. Keep it coming.
Fabulous. Love it.

+1 March 05 2016 11:15:42 FrankieJTofzegrit
Clavinet is a hell for ussmile.gif Merci Frankie
March 04 2016 22:50:25
WadeWade Amazing the way you can find your way into a track that's so full, yet make it sound like you were always in there.
+1 March 04 2016 22:53:37 WadeTofzegrit
Merci Wade!
March 04 2016 18:49:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 23:03:55 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
Merci Lennysmile.gif
March 04 2016 17:25:26
aleonzaleonz You slip into the nice cool spot on this tight track Tof, which is so cool! great play brother!
+1 March 04 2016 18:04:27 aleonzTofzegrit
smile.gif smile.gif Killer Song (with or without me)the vocals from you both are so on time and powerfull,marvelous backing so...If I can help ...
Merci Angel Al' et Bravo again !
March 04 2016 16:12:12
PedersenPedersen Haha killahhh \m/ nice man
+1 March 04 2016 18:03:16 PedersenTofzegrit
eh eh smile.gif
March 04 2016 15:53:18
MarceysMarceys Tof! Nailed it very good man! You found the perfect guitarspot and played it with some fine groovy rhythm! The solo is spot on! Thanks a lot for your groovy ride man, and have a good weekend! smile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 18:02:47 MarceysTofzegrit
Glad to not have been intrusive on this and obviously, that's (was) a killer song Damn..
Bravo et merci Marc!
March 04 2016 15:50:53
aduadu Perfect! Top Job from all!!!!! smile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 18:01:02 aduTofzegrit
Merci AdoO ° smile.gif
March 04 2016 13:57:13
PeixePeixe \o/ 2:07? Fantastic solo! Your guitar got into the track smoothly and raised up in a crescendo till the end. Such a nice tone and energy. I guess you are teaching some lessons my bud! Great playing.
+1 March 04 2016 18:00:41 PeixeTofzegrit
merci Peixe, it's not easy to play with a clavinet around smile.gif
that became a super song!! Bravo
March 04 2016 21:02:31 PeixePeixe
Yes. The clavinet plays "like a guitar" and that wah fx brings it to a protagonism in the sound. But you and Marc found the room easily and that became a real super song. Glad to have you guys around!
March 04 2016 13:11:01
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This is excellent Tof! You found really the right way to jump in here! Greatsmile.gif?
+1 March 04 2016 17:41:48 frankyguitarTofzegrit
Hop hop hop merci Franky
March 04 2016 11:13:49
frenziefrenzie Very nice, you passed the test, lessons learned smile.gif cool guitar add chris! smile.gif
+1 March 04 2016 17:41:29 frenzieTofzegrit
Hey Frenzie !! Merci smile.gif

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