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My bike a screaming old rust bucket ? Eh, eh, eh…Well, not EXACTLY !!
Rather a 1000cc 4 cylinder, pure, focused sports machine w/ 145 HP at the rear wheel.. catapulting 180Kg.

Took it out on a crisp, sunny & balmy winter afternoon, charging down this wide, cleanly paved & deserted mountain road near where i live, powering out of corners w/ a slight slide as the rear tyre & suspension dig in under acceleration, chassis un-disturbed.. WHAT A BLOODY JOY !!

And while doing that, this is what i was humming to myself…. if someone feels the need to shred a little or shred a lot, please.. be my absolute guest !! ;)
Enjoy !!


September 16 2016 08:15:26
zeddy777zeddy777 wicked sick tone on that bass drums awesome t
+1 September 16 2016 20:43:18 zeddy777nuno1959
Thanks & glad you had fun listening !!
March 05 2016 15:24:09
DannyKDannyK Very cool, Nuno! Riding and (over)driving!
+1 March 05 2016 15:25:39 DannyKnuno1959
Thanks Danny !!
Every so often it's good to ''let go''.. Wink
March 05 2016 15:11:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Awesome mate!! This is a bloody kick ass! Supersmile.gif
Be care my friend 🏍 🏍 🏍

+1 March 05 2016 15:26:30 frankyguitarnuno1959
Thyanks Franky, many thanks.. Wink
& no worries - I AM careful !
March 05 2016 14:47:19
BassterBasster Damned buddy - you don`t need guitars for your awesome tracks!! Wink
+1 March 05 2016 15:10:35 Bassternuno1959
A distorted bass with the right type of distortion is something to behold !!
Now, can someone please explain to me why is it most bass distortions suck big hairy camel b**** ??
March 05 2016 14:23:06
PsychoPsycho Wow... love it nuno. You make that bass sound like 2 or 3 instruments !!
+1 March 05 2016 15:08:13 Psychonuno1959
I keep saying this but it's true : what a shame i can't record for s**t because live it sounds AWESOME !!
March 05 2016 12:25:30
bhunt1bhunt1 wow awesome - does sound like cruising on a beautiful day!
+1 March 05 2016 12:49:43 bhunt1nuno1959
Just put put putting around the garden… Wink
March 05 2016 09:51:11
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Nuno
+1 March 05 2016 10:34:11 jmrukkersnuno1959
Thanks JM, appreciated ! Wink
March 05 2016 09:50:32
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic mate
+1 March 05 2016 10:31:40 onewholeftnuno1959
Thanks Lairdy, such fun to play it too.. Wink
March 05 2016 09:21:24
WadeWade Love the music and hate the idea of you crashing again. Remember Caesar thou art mortal...and we love you. Take all your risks in the music!!!
+2 March 05 2016 11:15:30 Wadenuno1959
Eh, eh, eh… Thanks Wade, trust me.. by now i know i'm mortal + i'm a pussy when it comes to pain Grin
But this is a bit different :
I'm A LOT more experienced on road bikes (+/- 1.5 million Km ) than off road & i approach it in a VERY calculated way allowing a wide safety margin.
Lots of excitement to be had way before the bike's/tyres/my limits thanks to that monster yet predictable power.
Plus i plan on keep bugging everyone round here for a long time.. Wink
March 05 2016 09:17:12
kennyadrykennyadry I am with Rob, man this is full of ENERGY!!!!
+1 March 05 2016 10:21:42 kennyadrynuno1959
This is what happens when i don't sleep…….. Grin Grin
My special way of ''getting tired'' !!

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