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This has been Lengthened about a minute leaving yet another empty space between 1:22 - 2:26

I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate on this wonderful track by Haffast and RobM... a very moving piece!

I sat third chair on this. It could still use a second chair... anything works here =)

This sounds best with phones on.


March 06 2016 22:55:20
RobMRobM Great idea to lengthen the piece B. And you're playing and tone is Awesome !! smile.gif
Real glad you joined in mate smile.gif

March 06 2016 21:36:37
titititi Great climat Bruce ! I recognize you there ;-)
March 06 2016 18:45:21
abuitremoremabuitremorem super smile.gif where is this house?
+1 March 06 2016 19:49:14 abuitremoremPsycho
It's within the ruble of Pompeii destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano. I did a bit of research. Was very interesting. Thanks for the listen my friend !!
March 07 2016 07:17:01 abuitremoremonewholeft
Now your telling everyone where I live ! Shame on you Bruce
March 06 2016 18:12:05
StefStef Fantastic phrasing Bruce! smile.gif
+1 March 06 2016 20:05:01 StefPsycho
Thanks very much Stef... had too much excitement with this one... lol smile.gif
March 06 2016 17:04:54
ivaxivax Fantastic Psych
+1 March 06 2016 20:07:53 ivaxPsycho
Thank you ivax... it started out as a small solo... then I went nuts after adu's add. There is an 8 minute version now... lol. I love this place smile.gif
March 06 2016 16:40:50
TG_StratTG_Strat Nice playing all three, very melodic stuff. Now it needs drums and bass more than anything.
+1 March 06 2016 16:43:43 TG_StratPsycho
Thanks for mentioning that TG... I hate to beg smile.gif Thanks for the nice comments my friend !!
March 06 2016 16:33:08
HaffastHaffast I LOVE what you've done here, Psycho! It sounds FANTASTIC! Man, I just wish you'd have turned it up a little because you made a beautiful and heartfelt contribution. Thank you!
+1 March 06 2016 16:39:20 HaffastPsycho
Depending on how I record I might be low volume on speakers, but fine on phones. Not everyone uses phones and I have to remember that. Anyway... this is such a gem you made buddy... a no brainer to try smile.gif thanks for the opportunity... thanks for the listen !!
March 06 2016 16:45:07 HaffastHaffast
And thanks for adding to it! I loved your part! You got the soul, my friend! smile.gif
March 06 2016 16:31:42
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent Bruce! Tone choice and your playing are really great!! And I love they the title, for sure!! smile.gif
+1 March 06 2016 16:35:39 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks franky... I did a little research on Pompeii. Very interesting all the archaeological magic there !!
March 06 2016 16:56:30 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes you are right, I read a Book, years ago and have Seen in TV lots of docs..... very interesting theme
March 06 2016 16:23:09
axenvocsaxenvocs great play
+1 March 06 2016 16:26:31 axenvocsPsycho
Thanks axen... sometimes things people do here grab me instantly. This is one of them smile.gif
March 06 2016 16:19:22
aduadu Soo Cool ! smile.gif
+1 March 06 2016 16:25:01 aduPsycho
Thanks adu... Rob hammered this out so well, I just had to sit on the other end. It's not often we get that chance smile.gif And Haf's base rhythm really caught my attention !!
Sounds like: [ ballad ]

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