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When someone leaves a spot like Mike did with his wonderful mix on this, a terrific song, I jump at the chance to play along. Especially with such a fine group of musicians as we have here.

I can only hope it fits =)
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March 14 2016 07:16:33
jaeusmjaeusm Nice playing smile.gif
+1 March 14 2016 20:51:35 jaeusmPsycho
Thanks jaeusm... you guys sure created a beauty here... was an honor to try it smile.gif
March 13 2016 12:32:03
serioussseriouss Really perfect
+1 March 13 2016 13:29:32 serioussPsycho
Thanks very much seriouss... I appreciate the nice comment bro !!
March 13 2016 12:04:42
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 March 13 2016 13:28:41 Lenny CowlerPsycho
If there is an open spot... I'm in especially on a track such as this smile.gif Thank you my friend !!
March 13 2016 02:33:09
RelativityRelativity I have been listening to this song non stop this morning. Cant get enough of it.
+1 March 13 2016 02:56:06 RelativityPsycho
One these guys best... Shi really out did herself. Have you heard what she does at 1:35
March 13 2016 02:57:19 RelativityRelativity
Yeah I pointed out a few spine tingling vocal acrobatics to her on her track.
March 13 2016 00:14:29
GuadañaGuadaña Great solo for this wonderful track mate!!
+1 March 13 2016 00:25:37 GuadañaPsycho
Thanks G... sometimes I feel guilty with such a small part. But I guess that's the way this place works sometimes smile.gif
March 13 2016 00:29:29 GuadañaGuadaña
Yep, some tracks just need a touch... but every add is a piece of ourselves. And this one is great buddy.
March 12 2016 23:06:57
frenziefrenzie Yes psy fits great good one! smile.gif nice endlick of your solo cool finish smile.gif
+1 March 12 2016 23:52:16 frenziePsycho
Thanks frenz, I'm with you... even on a short solo there are parts I'm never happy with, but parts I really like and the end worked out well smile.gif
March 12 2016 22:24:38
Mike_66Mike_66 Hehehehe, very nice ... exactly the reason why Í extended the song. And please don't blame that I forgot you in my list Bruce. Good job!!!
+1 March 12 2016 23:50:36 Mike_66Psycho
Thanks Mike... I don't like to be on lists, so you did good smile.gif Sure appreciate this opportunity to be a part of a great work by all these guys !!
March 12 2016 21:51:51
FrankMilFrankMil Interesting sound Bruce
+1 March 12 2016 23:48:15 FrankMilPsycho
I flipped to the neck PU on this... wish I hadn't but I stuck with it. Thanks for the great track Frank... it's a fav for sure smile.gif
March 12 2016 21:40:15
frankyguitarfrankyguitar This is such a very lovely song, you choose very cool! Awesome solo Bruce, man you make me smile !! What a fun to listen this cool work from you all!! smile.gif
+1 March 12 2016 23:43:42 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks franky... I can't say enough how cool this track is (before me). I'm with you... it makes me smile too smile.gif
March 12 2016 21:01:15
PeixePeixe Very cool. You all created an involving atmosphere. Great job!!! And very nice guitar solo too! smile.gif
+1 March 12 2016 23:41:04 PeixePsycho
Thanks, yes, I squeezed a few notes into a wonderful package smile.gif
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