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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!
This is the craziest track I played on bass in wikiloops. I was angry to my self for messing up sam parts. Wille my recording goes like from start to end. No complaints there. As i play on stage, that's my approach. So the idea was to record mega brutal bass sound. 4 tracks paned. Mega distorted - guitar amp / preamp bass / cleen woof. So yeah. The same :D no mistake. I'm sure there are many minors but in mix it clears out. Sounds nice at the end so I uploaded.
Big thanks to James & Chuck for this great template. Hell Yeah m/ m/


June 28 2016 08:39:57
shumdrummershumdrummer So heavy
March 15 2016 23:33:24
SJDSJD Great stuff,, well done by all, dam sure had stuff on my walls shaking as was turned to 11 !!!! SJD
+1 March 17 2016 16:53:07 SJDYoWild
Grin 1kw of sound is needed here for shure to shake neighbors as well Wink \m/
March 15 2016 08:36:49
FunkystanFunkystan Killer track Yo ^^
+1 March 17 2016 16:51:39 FunkystanYoWild
Cheers mate smile.gif
March 15 2016 02:37:22
James dooJames doo hey guys,,,ive tried for two days to add bass to this track, in the bridge when I drop to b the strings are so low they have drifted on the recording and no matter where you tune on bass that b note is im going to re-record the whole thing half step up tuning to take out that b string drift....
+1 March 15 2016 05:46:16 James dooYoWild
Well seems like technical thing. 3 ways i can think on to check Wink sadels / tuners or string gauge. Basically 25,5 " scales sounds best on C anything else under causes trouble. It's become different instrument so to speak Grin ok. Wish you the best on re-record tunes. Great track \m/
March 15 2016 02:30:32
James dooJames doo Sweet man...i happy to see you guys it
+1 March 15 2016 05:34:45 James dooYoWild
Thanks smile.gif
March 14 2016 23:19:29
axenvocsaxenvocs Super
+1 March 15 2016 05:33:49 axenvocsYoWild
March 14 2016 22:23:17
MarceysMarceys Perfect lowend riding! smile.gif
+1 March 14 2016 22:25:37 MarceysYoWild
March 14 2016 22:08:52
aduadu Super super super! Well composed and the structure is amazing. Great Job from you all. smile.gif
+1 March 14 2016 22:17:13 aduYoWild
Thanks a lot smile.gif
March 14 2016 21:18:00
shumdrummershumdrummer Great job buddy
+1 March 14 2016 21:21:45 shumdrummerYoWild
Cheers bro \m/ \m/
March 14 2016 20:59:06
BassterBasster Evil earthquakes - awesome buddy!! Wink
+1 March 14 2016 21:17:44 BassterYoWild
Much appreciated my friend... Cheers 🍻 Yeah i have so much fun with this. \m/
Sounds like: [ \m/ \m/ ]
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