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This song is also part of the album "Landei"

Thank you Cody for OUTSTANDING Template ;o)

If you press the "show lyrics" Button you can find the Lyrics and a Google Translator Translation in to english ;o)
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March 18 2016 00:04:05
PsychoPsycho Well done.. cool song !!
March 17 2016 15:11:22
cschlotecschlote Sehr schön. Dummerweise habe ich die nächsten Tage keine Instrumente zur Hand... grrrrr....
March 17 2016 08:02:22
AKchenAKchen Volksmusik von höchstem Niveau smile.gif
March 17 2016 05:04:01
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantasticsmile.gif
March 17 2016 01:29:17
nuno1959nuno1959 SO cool, a real treat Uloisius !! Wink
March 16 2016 22:29:20
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Uli, Du bist ein böser Junge! LOL Du fängst so harmlos an und dann haust Du doch noch mit der Keule zu! Extrem gut!! smile.gif
March 16 2016 21:49:13
mandoloddamandolodda Nice song from you and Cody, I love this song from Cody and I know he programed it all. He programing the mandolin better as I can playSad
March 16 2016 20:53:31
ShiShi I like the contrast between Cody's sweet music and that nice gravelly quality to your voice Ulo smile.gif
+1 March 16 2016 20:56:32 ShiUloisius
Thank you very much Shi ;o)

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