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Oh boy..
Marc's template struck me like the proverbial ton of bricks, it's such a gorgeous piece !!
I'm playing catch up, struggling to remember/guess the various parts/changes.. oh man, these must have been some of the most strenuous, exciting AND enjoyable 2 minutes i've had in quite a while.

I'm not hitting THE right notes, timing slips here & there but oh.. my.. goodness !
What an absolute truckload of fun, slap in the mind - a BLAST !!
Thank you for sharing this Marc.. ;)
Hope you guys enjoy it !!


March 22 2016 00:00:10
PsychoPsycho It gets better as you go... I think it's good buddy... The Grand Reptilian smile.gif
+1 March 22 2016 00:05:12 Psychonuno1959
Thanks Psy but to nail this one i think i need to invoke the Spirit of The King Cobra !! Our garden variety snakes won't do.. Wink
March 21 2016 12:09:44
aleonzaleonz you cover Marc's beautiful baby with a warm thick blanket Nuno, lovely!
+1 March 21 2016 13:46:47 aleonznuno1959
Thank you Alice but listening to it a few hours later through more attentive ears i'm afraid i'm a bit all over the place….. Wink
March 21 2016 11:26:55
GuadañaGuadaña What a great piece you two!!! Love it smile.gif
+1 March 21 2016 13:44:41 Guadañanuno1959
Thank you G, great you dropped by to listen !!
It deserves a much better bass but hey.. Wink
March 21 2016 13:49:35 GuadañaGuadaña
I think is great amigo!!
March 21 2016 10:24:56
LieschingLiesching Yeess, Nuno!! Your bass is so impossibly good! smile.gif I love 2:00. Thanks a lot, my friend.
+1 March 21 2016 13:43:44 Lieschingnuno1959
Thank you so much Marc & forgive me the gall, the impertinence of joining this piece, i KNOW it's way ''above my pay grade'' but it moved me so much i just wanted to be THERE checking out how it feels to be part of such a piece !!
Done, from now on i promise i'll behave…………. Wink Wink
March 21 2016 14:01:46 LieschingLiesching
What?? The honor and pleasure is all mine when you´re joining my piano! Never dare to behave, my friend smile.gif
March 21 2016 09:33:34
onewholeftonewholeft Mate I know how hard it is to follow the timing in this type of track you have done a great job !
+1 March 21 2016 13:36:44 onewholeftnuno1959
Thanks Lairdy, i'm way out of my depth here but.. i think that's part of the beauty of this place :
Chances to learn everywhere !! Wink
March 21 2016 09:06:12
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very nice Nuno!! Really enjoy this onesmile.gif
+1 March 21 2016 13:35:35 frankyguitarnuno1959
Glad to hear that Franky, thanks for listening !!
March 21 2016 08:43:28
rp3drumsrp3drums Very nicely done Nuno!
+1 March 21 2016 13:34:48 rp3drumsnuno1959
Hey, long time man.. Wink
Many thanks !!
March 21 2016 08:25:11
kennyadrykennyadry And o man! Your bass just is cottonny candy sweetness that matches to Marc's honeycomb piano. Love it a lot my friend!
+1 March 21 2016 13:34:20 kennyadrynuno1959
Thanks Kenny, although far from perfect, i had so much fun playing..
March 21 2016 04:40:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very pleasant brosmile.gif
+1 March 21 2016 13:32:22 Lenny Cowlernuno1959
Thanks Lenny, appreciated !
March 21 2016 03:49:11
AcousticegAcousticeg Liking the bass add.
+1 March 21 2016 13:25:26 Acousticegnuno1959
Thanks AC !!

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