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A beautiful song with a great message. Thanks Alice for being on Wikiloops, you have made it a better place...and oh yeah...great song pkliesch, and great bass lyrics


July 04 2016 00:15:01
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice track guys!
March 22 2016 16:43:33
ivaxivax Fantastic rp3
+1 March 22 2016 16:50:19 ivaxrp3drums
Thanks Ivax. Could use a guitar solo... smile.gif
March 22 2016 16:57:56 ivaxivax
I put in the task list if arises inspiration, friend smile.gif
March 22 2016 00:22:27
B427B427 Awesome rp3
+1 March 22 2016 04:10:03 B427rp3drums
Thanks so much, was so much fun to play on!
March 21 2016 22:44:41
PsychoPsycho Fantastic add rp3... this track by Pat has so many great versions smile.gif
+1 March 22 2016 04:10:47 Psychorp3drums
what other versions? (just kidding). Thanks, yes it is an amazing song...
March 21 2016 22:25:50
pklieschpkliesch Awesome sound and playin', Raymond ! Thank you for this add! smile.gif
+1 March 22 2016 04:11:13 pklieschrp3drums
your welcome, happy to be part of this amazing song!
March 21 2016 17:04:23
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Hey rp, I think, we have here a lot of great songs they should play on the radio. Maybe if the production in a prof studio and we have a lot of hits!! This is one of them.
Trust me, I have predictet a lot of No. one hits. My friends say, I should go in the music business.... LOL

+2 March 22 2016 04:12:44 frankyguitarrp3drums
I trust you, this song should go #1... I think Rickplayers bass on this version makes it especially good!
March 21 2016 16:50:47
jaeusmjaeusm Nice job! The drums fit like a glove smile.gif I always find the more subdued, slower songs to be more difficult to play.
+2 March 22 2016 04:14:11 jaeusmrp3drums
Thanks. I agree with you 100% Being a patient musician is very difficult, especially for a drummer!
March 21 2016 16:19:55
Ernie440Ernie440 Great job as per usual rp3.
+1 March 22 2016 04:14:28 Ernie440rp3drums
Thanks Pudsy!
March 21 2016 15:19:00
RickplayerRickplayer Great beat rp3drums fits like a glove. Thanks for adding
+1 March 21 2016 16:19:07 Rickplayerrp3drums
thanks, great song, great bass line!
March 21 2016 13:16:50
mpointonmpointon Quality and restrained playing, RP3. Kept it clean, well-played and suitable to the song. Great add!
+1 March 21 2016 16:20:46 mpointonrp3drums
Thanks M, love this song, so fun to play, and as you now restrained isnt always so easy...
Sounds like: [ a great song... ]
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