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So my Bird died a few days ago, this is his goodnight tune from me.
He was a green, male budgie. He was born with bent feet, and could not fly and never learned to. He had 1 wife, who died a few years ago but he managed to get 2 children, one of them passed out before getting feathers, the other one is sitting on top of her cage, sleeping. she is feeling well, happy, even tho her dad died.

He died at the age of 9 years.

The piece is in D Minor, it's a celeste, not a real one, it's a VST.


August 11 2016 01:21:10
francisco alfrancisco al bonito trabalho
+0 August 11 2016 11:35:36 francisco alPedersen
Muito obrigado
August 07 2016 23:17:28
mandoloddamandolodda nice song, I like it
March 21 2016 20:54:54
aleonzaleonz You made a very beautiful lullaby, I'm sure it will put him peacefully to his sleep...I always see animal and other living being just like human, just in another form..quite a story he had in his life...thank you for sharing it to us!
+2 March 21 2016 22:59:52 aleonzPedersen
Yes! thanks for taking the time to read it, and listen to my music! i am also happy you can hear it's ment to be a lullaby!
March 21 2016 16:51:38
LoBiasLoBias Survival is tough for a creature with an abnormality, but with your care he lived a good life.
+1 March 21 2016 17:27:05 LoBiasPedersen
He had an amazing life, my mom bought me him back when i was 13.. he was the only bird left at the pet store in the cage.

Everyday, i would feed them with millet spikes, their favorite food!

they also had an open cage, to crawl around, go outside and check out the house as they pleased! great bird!
Sounds like: [ Pedersen ] [ Celeste ] [ Night tune ]

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