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nice to jam with Marc :) A real joy. A bit fast and dirty - its a Jam


March 28 2016 07:11:32
aduadu Hier spielt auch so ein Multitalentierter Kerl! Sehr fein gespielt Peter smile.gif
March 27 2016 23:44:19
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic mate ! You must have had your sax in just the right spot when recording
+1 March 28 2016 21:11:19 onewholeftPit Brett
smile.gif thanks mate smile.gif
March 24 2016 09:51:18
LieschingLiesching Ohh wie wundervoll! Schön, Dein Sax endlich wieder zu hören, lieber Pit! smile.gif
March 23 2016 13:48:32
UloisiusUloisius sehr schön und einfühlsam gespielt ;o)
Freut mich sehr wieder etwas von dir zu hören ;o)

March 23 2016 13:18:30
frankiejazzfrankiejazz Bravo!
March 23 2016 05:41:41
StefStef Beautiful sax phrasing Pit! Great taste! smile.gif
March 23 2016 05:16:07
kennyadrykennyadry Love your sax playing man, really matches perfectly with Marc's keys.
March 23 2016 04:59:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
March 23 2016 04:31:40
nuno1959nuno1959 Hey, been a while !!
Lovely sax, such cool lines PitB, good stuff buddy Wink

March 23 2016 04:10:17
WadeWade Good to hear you on sax again. Played with integrity, feel and sincerity. Lovely changes at 3:23. Could have more "presence" if the microphone was a little closer (not more than 300mm from G key I find works well with the mike pointed at the G instead of the bell).

Hope to hear lots more from much to offer, and you're such a terrific musician.

+2 March 23 2016 05:15:19 Wadekennyadry
My nose bled with this comment Wink
March 23 2016 08:54:38 WadeWade
I have no idea what this means...send me a PM?
March 23 2016 08:58:21 Wadekennyadry
That means that very intelligible, that something I could less comprehend smile.gif
March 23 2016 09:14:28 WadeWade
OK, it's just saxophone shop talk.
March 23 2016 16:10:02 WadePit Brett
Thank you so for your kind advice. I think my Distance to mic was more than 300mm. But depends on Mic-Type.... and higher than g-key
March 24 2016 10:20:43 WadeWade
I'm using a AKG C 1000 S. They are available fairly inexpensively on E-bay for as little as $42 USD (from UK). You can spend $500 and not get a better microphone for sax.

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