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I really like the tune of this key's by Marcey, and it is also in the key of G which is my favorite key :D Thank you so much Marcey for a great template. Hope I stayed in the feeling you had with this. I added some solos at the end by the way :)


March 24 2016 17:03:47
aleonzaleonz one thing that I always like from your play is how you keep the song breath freely, but got a spot light pointing so bright on you Kenny! you made this sweet song super sweet ! and that solo...squeeze the heart in a very beautiful way!
March 24 2016 15:52:11
MarceysMarceys You always add with so much enrichment! Very cool Kenny! Your solo line at the end is absolute power!
+1 March 24 2016 16:18:06 Marceyskennyadry
Grin THanks a lot Marceys! YOur keys is really joyful to my ears which i really like a lot!
March 24 2016 09:53:18
WadeWade Such a careful sound you've put to this that adds rhythmic grandeur while complimenting the melodic line. Such good feeling in your solos...from the heart.
+1 March 24 2016 16:19:29 Wadekennyadry
Thanks a lot Wade! It's a pity I don't own (yet) an acoustic guitar. It could have been better if I did especially in this kind of situation. Well, magic boxes works fine for now smile.gif
March 24 2016 20:55:13 WadeWade
Sounding good as it is. I know what you mean though. That's why I'm using those magic boxes to modify my sound and not just always sound like a sax. Having appropriate tone/timbre is important.
March 24 2016 04:12:13
nuno1959nuno1959 Well spotted guitar part, beautifully played Kenny, super cool !!
Great how you ''add momentum'' & weight while allowing the tune to retain it's airy feel. Solo is the cherry on top of the cake !
NICE job bro.. Wink

+1 March 24 2016 16:20:26 nuno1959kennyadry
Really nice feedback coming from you my friend smile.gif yeah that was my goal in this sensitive but joyful track of Marceys smile.gif
March 24 2016 01:35:40
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very nice! Really a pleasure to listen Kenny !! smile.gif
And yes, I like that keys also !

+1 March 24 2016 16:20:41 frankyguitarkennyadry
THanks a lot Franky smile.gif
March 23 2016 23:00:39
PsychoPsycho Always a pleasure to hear you play Kenny... I learn a lot from you and many others here... very well done smile.gif
+1 March 24 2016 16:21:59 Psychokennyadry
Man thanks a lot smile.gif This kind of keys by Marcey I have some special thing on which I couldn't really resist. smile.gif
March 23 2016 22:21:20
StefStef A beautiful solo that denotes the most of all your style and your great taste Kenny! smile.gif
+1 March 24 2016 16:22:34 Stefkennyadry
Thanks a lot Stef! Appreciate your feedback smile.gif
March 23 2016 21:23:09
TofzegritTofzegrit Cool 'acoustic" and sweet "chewing gum" solo with nice perfume Wink
+1 March 24 2016 16:22:49 Tofzegritkennyadry
Grin Grin Grin Thank you Uncle!
March 23 2016 21:21:17
FrankieJFrankieJ My favorite key too Kenny.
Very nice guitar work and solo/tone is gorgeous. Signature Kenny.

+1 March 24 2016 16:23:19 FrankieJkennyadry
We belong to the key of G band then Grin Thanks a lot Frankie! smile.gif

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