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This song goes out to Tom (Cody) and his wife. My best thoughts and wishes are with you both. Usually I'm not the guy of slow vibes but I would love if you all join in and help to make this our musical greeting for them.



March 26 2016 15:10:50
frenziefrenzie Great initiative!
+1 March 26 2016 17:04:36 frenzieMike_66
Thanks for joining. It is a wonderful add.
March 26 2016 17:57:59 frenziefrenzie
You're welcome thnx mike
March 26 2016 14:54:00
petebasspetebass hey Mike super track and nice gesture.well done😉
+1 March 26 2016 17:05:26 petebassMike_66
smile.gif Thanks. I hope we hear some bass soon.
March 26 2016 14:50:02
ivaxivax fantastic idea Mike
+1 March 26 2016 17:06:30 ivaxMike_66
Thank you and maybe you want to join us.
March 26 2016 13:26:36
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Mike... This is a great thing you are doing and initiating here. I don't know what other loopers' suggestions would be, but listening to your track and thinking on your idea, I guess we could work here in a different way. Not just on individual adds, but a collaborative work. I can offer on this my voice and singing and I'd be glad to do it with other loopers in a good vibes sending spirit to Tom and through him, his wife. Sorry for my long comment...
+1 March 26 2016 13:43:03 FunkystanMike_66
I love your comment. If you send me your single voice track I would put all adds together in a complete song. That's the reason the song has so much space for you all! Just add it to the root or create your own track with the root!
March 26 2016 13:46:39 FunkystanFunkystan
Great Mike. I'm listening to Cody's singing tracks. We could use his words for this. I'll send a file if I can manage something fine.
March 26 2016 13:47:43 FunkystanMike_66
March 26 2016 13:17:12
CarpenterCarpenter very good template; hope it will help sendin´ positive vibes to the Tripp Family....
March 26 2016 12:59:49
onewholeftonewholeft I will add to this tomorrow I'm sure !
+1 March 26 2016 13:04:59 onewholeftMike_66
Thanks so much Keith!
March 26 2016 12:51:10
onewholeftonewholeft #68336 is also a dedication to the above !
Well done and I hope these bring sone good karma where it belongs !


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