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Thus titled as a tribute to the Aerosmith song, and the Shaggy song, and the Sarah McLachlan song, and the Koda song, and the, well you get the point. It's a generic title haha

Thanks to Psycho for this track. He said there wasn't really a story behind it. Well, perhaps the story was that it was the beginning. Hopefully, I'm the middle (like a really sexy sandwich) so, if any one wants to be the ending... be my happy ending :D (That means add something haha)
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March 29 2016 23:15:55
woXeywoXey killer stuff!"!!
+1 March 29 2016 23:19:13 woXeyJoshDexter
Thanks, Woxey XD
March 28 2016 23:59:26
PsychoPsycho Just got home and am listening on the real equipment. It sounds so much better here than at work. Again a really fine song Josh... kudos man, and so glad to have you join in !!!!
+1 March 29 2016 23:09:41 PsychoJoshDexter
Thanks for the template. I love the soft stuff xD
March 28 2016 22:02:45
Herman420Herman420 Awesome Job gentlemen! Very cool groove.
+1 March 29 2016 23:09:09 Herman420JoshDexter
Thanks mate!
March 28 2016 15:59:11
PsychoPsycho Great song Josh... you sure don't mess around smile.gif It is a very emotional piece... only drawback is the title (my ex wife's name.. LOL) Thanks very much for putting words to this. Again, it sounds great my friend smile.gif
+1 March 28 2016 21:38:53 PsychoJoshDexter
My neighbour's dog is called Angel. Irony. What's also ironic is it's the name of the first prostitute I met. haha
March 28 2016 23:55:21 PsychoPsycho
May have been the ex smile.gif
March 28 2016 08:27:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 March 28 2016 21:37:47 Lenny CowlerJoshDexter
Thank you, Lenny!
March 28 2016 04:05:15
WikimarkWikimark Love this one smile.gif
+1 March 28 2016 21:37:37 WikimarkJoshDexter
Glad ye like it! Grin
March 28 2016 02:45:52
GirardGirard Excellent Josh. Love the emotion man.
+1 March 28 2016 21:37:20 GirardJoshDexter
Thanks, Girard!
March 28 2016 01:56:53
mpointonmpointon As always, top, top singing, Josh.
+1 March 28 2016 21:37:06 mpointonJoshDexter
Thank you!
Sounds like: [ Psycho ] [ JoshDexter ]

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