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Pit Brett
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Couldn`t sleep... So I thaught I go back to the loops....
R1772, where are you? Thank you for your fantastic template!
I thaught I don`t like Disco
feel free to do what you like


May 10 2016 12:00:18
petebasspetebass Hi Pit smile.gif Das ist Sehr gut mein freundsmile.gifWink
+1 May 10 2016 12:07:04 petebassPit Brett
thank you Pete smile.gif
April 03 2016 13:12:25
WadeWade How did you get so much creativity out of a disco sound????
March 29 2016 15:37:47
aduadu Hey man, this is amazing! Junge du kannst aber auch alles spielen!!!smile.gif
+1 March 29 2016 22:32:47 aduPit Brett
Dankeschön, das wäre toll smile.gif
April 04 2016 00:19:14 aduR1772
Hallo Pit, ich bin´s nochmal. Was spielst du da für Wahnsinns- schnelle Triolen (?) gegen Ende - super! Auch gefällt mit der Sound 100% gut - erinnert mich an Jan Akkermann (Focus - bin schon was älter smile.gif))
April 04 2016 02:01:50 aduPit Brett
hi Rainer, die Triolen sind mit Tappingtechnik gespielt. Beide Hände auf dem Griffbrett..
Werde mir mal Focus anhörensmile.gif
Vielen Dank für Deine netten Kommentaresmile.gif
March 29 2016 12:22:01
R1772R1772 Hi Pit. Thanks so much for your great guitars! I just love them. Me too would not have expected that it will work with added heavy guitars, but it does as you had prooved.I have done a small break with Wikiloops but I´ll be back more often.The only "problem" I have is that here are so much good music and musicians.
+1 March 29 2016 13:29:46 R1772Pit Brett
Hallo R1772 freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt smile.gif Ich war in letzter Zeit auch wenig aktiv.
Dein Problem sollte keines sein. Ich finde deinen Stil und deine Beiträge unverwechselbar und klasse.
freue mich, wenn Du öfters wieder da bist smile.gif
March 29 2016 12:11:25
R1772R1772 Thanks so much, Guadana. I´m happy you like it. I´m not a fan of "classic disco" too. But sometimes I pick up elements from this genre, and of course, I like when guitarists join!:-)).
March 29 2016 10:19:15
GuadañaGuadaña Sounds cool!! Better than "classic" disco Wink
+3 March 29 2016 22:32:13 GuadañaPit Brett
thankyou Guadaña smile.gif
March 29 2016 09:02:10
TofzegritTofzegrit Oh yeah!
+2 March 29 2016 12:11:41 TofzegritR1772
Thanks, Tofze!
March 29 2016 22:31:17 TofzegritPit Brett
thought to you Grin
March 29 2016 05:52:06
AKchenAKchen höre es ganz leise, weil Uli noch schläft Wink ... total goldig smile.gif
+2 March 29 2016 12:12:44 AKchenR1772
Schön, Akchen. Ich denke, die Bässe würde man durch 2 Wände sogar hören und Uli kündigt mir die Freundschaft.-))))
March 29 2016 22:30:17 AKchenPit Brett
smile.gif Danke fürs leise hören...
March 29 2016 03:53:10
nuno1959nuno1959 LOVE it when someone picks a genre i usually don't particularly like & makes something that leaves me mouth wide open !!
This is one such case, if Disco had been this good, i would've been a super Tony Manero, King of ''The Fever''.. Wink Wink

+4 March 29 2016 12:15:59 nuno1959R1772
Thanks so much, Nuno! Your comment and similar remarks of other music friends is very important to me. I´m often considering to stop this style because of weak "SoundCloud"-interest of my music. But some positive comments here on Wikiloops is all I need:-)))
March 29 2016 14:12:57 nuno1959nuno1959
Ah don't take notice, i always found the SoundCloud universe too erratic & fleeting :
IF the right people listen you may get feedback ( be it positive or else.. )
but it's very easy for things just to go either unnoticed or people not even bothering to comment.
Here it's totally different & for the better i think.. Wink
March 29 2016 22:29:10 nuno1959Pit Brett
thankyou nuno smile.gif
March 29 2016 02:44:59
jamladyjamlady wow, wie cool ist das denn! gut das du nicht schlafen konntest, sonst wäre es morgen futsch gewesen
+2 March 29 2016 12:17:00 jamladyR1772
Danke sehr, Jamlady.Ich freue mich immer, wenn ich als "Hobbyist" auch in den Augen und Ohren eines "Pros" bestehen kann.-))))
March 29 2016 22:28:16 jamladyPit Brett
Dankeschön Claudia smile.gif

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