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Lenny Cowler
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Cool song by Frank and Lenny :) It feels like it's in the same vein as "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" by Radiohead.


April 02 2016 17:04:36
MarceysMarceys Yeah! The right groove and played real tight! smile.gif
+1 April 02 2016 18:04:33 Marceysjaeusm
April 01 2016 19:04:46
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler ...and I again say Wow!!! Very, very good bass linesmile.gif
+1 April 01 2016 19:08:23 Lenny Cowlerjaeusm
Thanks! Both of your drum tracks on this song are really good :-
April 01 2016 14:45:28
schwaglrschwaglr This bass line connects the guitar rhythm with the drums even more. Brilliantly done smile.gif
+1 April 01 2016 18:05:40 schwaglrjaeusm
Thank you!
April 01 2016 13:20:42
FurlanoFurlano Ang super work on drums and bass, of course !!!
+1 April 01 2016 18:05:21 Furlanojaeusm
Thanks smile.gif
April 01 2016 13:19:45
FurlanoFurlano Simple song are the best !!! And this clean guitar sound is impressive !
April 01 2016 12:46:04
Ernie440Ernie440 Cool, that didn't take you long! Nice clean steady line and funky too! Kudos to Lenny, doing two drum patterns for this, I didn't really notice that until you mentioned it to me, haha. Sweet! Great template riffs from Frank as well.
+1 April 01 2016 16:20:38 Ernie440jaeusm
Thanks! It's a shame Lenny's drum tracks had been passed over for nearly a year. There's so many undiscovered gems on this site.
April 01 2016 16:22:01 Ernie440Ernie440
True that! Well there's so much stuff on here you're right, hard to get at it all and with new players joining .. guess that's a good thing! smile.gif
April 01 2016 08:30:51
FrankMilFrankMil awesome add, live the bouncy complex lines
+1 April 01 2016 08:39:52 FrankMiljaeusm
Thanks! I love the template you created. Got any more like this? smile.gif
April 01 2016 14:16:35 FrankMilFrankMil
added some cheesy lyrics to a remix.
April 01 2016 19:06:08 FrankMiljaeusm
Cheesy lyrics or not, the revealing thing to me is your voice. You should do more singing on here!
April 01 2016 21:47:47 FrankMilFrankMil
Yes I do need to work on it. This is a good forgiving environment lol
Sounds like: [ Radiohead ]
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