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Adu did a great job with his drum track, and I tried something that is totally different than anything I've done here before.

If it's any good, it needs a bass player really fast =)

Chords are A, B, D, A, B, F#
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August 13 2016 13:05:18
FrankMilFrankMil amazing
April 07 2016 23:00:25
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Your guitar touch here is so sooo good Bruce smile.gif
+1 April 08 2016 00:52:50 GuitarPlyrPsycho
Thanks GP... I appreciate the kind words... I actually wasn't to sure about it smile.gif
April 04 2016 22:50:13
mayesha_mayesha_ whoa-wah-wah Wink fantastic guitar!sounds so fresh!
+1 April 05 2016 00:05:28 mayesha_Psycho
Thanks very much maye smile.gif
April 04 2016 22:17:17
gangophonegangophone Wow, I'm really feeling this one! You won't have to wait for a bass very much longer, I think I'll get to it asap!
+1 April 05 2016 00:04:48 gangophonePsycho
Thanks gango... bass would be great man smile.gif
April 03 2016 22:41:26
fjblancofjblanco astonishing!!!!
+1 April 05 2016 00:03:52 fjblancoPsycho
Thank you fj smile.gif
April 03 2016 00:16:06
aleonzaleonz oh yeah! man that guitar sounds like the spin plate in that part very cool! so so cool Big Psy!
+1 April 03 2016 07:23:23 aleonzPsycho
Thanks Big Al... smile.gif
April 02 2016 22:48:16
Mike_66Mike_66 Great stuff. Thanks for showing me the song. I would have missed it without you!
+1 April 02 2016 23:03:39 Mike_66Psycho
Well, that seems to be the way it works here. I miss so much and do rely on you guys for leading me to some very fine tracks smile.gif Thanks Mike !!
April 02 2016 17:55:44
MishteriaMishteria Very good Psycho!smile.gif
+1 April 02 2016 21:21:41 MishteriaPsycho
Thank you very much Mish... different for sure smile.gif
April 02 2016 17:23:30
ShiShi that is such a fun title and a real cool treatment you did here Psycho, thumbs from me smile.gif
+1 April 02 2016 21:19:50 ShiPsycho
smile.gif You have provided a lot of fun for this guy and others too with this one. So I thank you very much for that smile.gif The title came at the last moment... from where, is beyond me !
April 02 2016 17:19:08
jjdfjjdf cool!!!Wink
+1 April 02 2016 21:14:29 jjdfPsycho
Hey, I appreciate it jj smile.gif
Sounds like: [ hip hop fusion ]

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