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This time with some rap voice parts from a sample CD "Hood Vocals" I own. No copyright problems here. The rest was made with GarageBand

But this is so unwikiloopusal I don't think it will find many friends here. Anyway I love it.
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April 09 2016 15:55:16
TofzegritTofzegrit DJM66!
April 07 2016 23:36:26
bhunt1bhunt1 awesome track! well done
+1 April 08 2016 14:36:32 bhunt1Mike_66
Thanks I had great fun making it.
April 03 2016 00:04:40
aleonzaleonz what a cool Idea Mike! brilliant!
+1 April 03 2016 11:53:24 aleonzMike_66
Thanks Alice. Weekend mod music. things like this happens every time when I play with my Ipad in bed smile.gif I guess I have to buy some apple stuff to make same thing on my desk. smile.gif
April 02 2016 22:21:22
TG_StratTG_Strat Thanks for shamelessly promoting this track. this is dope!
+1 April 02 2016 22:32:56 TG_StratMike_66
If you think this stuff is so so fly get out and shout ... or without moving just use the shoutbox smile.gif ROTFL
April 02 2016 22:03:43
FunkystanFunkystan Love it... Creative and fun... Thanks pal ^^
+1 April 02 2016 22:13:47 FunkystanMike_66
Saturday Night Fever 2016

so so so fly ...
April 02 2016 19:09:38
FishinmissioFishinmissio Cool Mikesmile.gif
+1 April 02 2016 21:54:57 FishinmissioMike_66
Thanks Fish!!!
April 02 2016 17:19:27
ShiShi this is a cool surprise Mike ! so Fly ! smile.gif
+1 April 02 2016 17:48:24 ShiMike_66
Thanks Shi. I had a lot of fun with your vocals this morning.
April 02 2016 16:22:56
PeixePeixe You found one smile.gif I am an unusual guy too. I like programmed musics too. Everything is worth and this song is worth too. Very cool!
+1 April 02 2016 16:28:21 PeixeMike_66
Awesome Peixe. So let's bounce to the Rhythm even there are a few thousand kilometers between us. *ui ui ui bounce bounce* smile.gif
April 02 2016 16:35:48 PeixePeixe
That is the spirit Pfft I have one track with Alice and Marc, #66940 with programmed drums, synth and bass in Logic X. Have a Listen and bounce bounce bounce hehehe
April 02 2016 16:48:14 PeixeMike_66
This shameless self promotion (<- not seriously meant) showed the way to a cool song I missed so far.
April 02 2016 18:22:08 PeixePeixe
Heheheh I am really shameless but it is worth to do it for a Good cause. At least you are listening to a good old Ms. Alice's song.

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