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Me being impatient, as usual, added a lead using the nylon and steel string acoustics with a very little dash of electric.


April 11 2016 16:52:42
LieschingLiesching Bravo Rob! Love it!
+1 April 12 2016 03:46:11 LieschingRobM
Thank you Marc, so glad you enjoyed the listen smile.gif
April 04 2016 09:27:03
kennyadrykennyadry It's good to be impatient if it turns out like this smile.gif Awesome as usual my friend..I love classical guitar but I think I have to grow some nails ! Grin
+1 April 05 2016 00:57:36 kennyadryRobM
Very kind, thank you so very much Kenny smile.gif As for classical, definitely need nails haha Wink
April 04 2016 00:44:37
+1 April 04 2016 01:54:57 WHITEPONGORobM
Thank you so very much WP smile.gif
April 03 2016 20:18:51
heliandrosheliandros I know this impatience, Rob smile.gif
but obviously it can lead to wonderful creativity

+1 April 04 2016 01:54:35 heliandrosRobM
Thank you Heli smile.gif
They say patience is a virtue, one that I lack Wink Glad you enjoyed the listen friend smile.gif
April 03 2016 19:10:17
piperpiper Beautiful as always Rob! smile.gif
+1 April 04 2016 01:53:37 piperRobM
Thank you for such a kind comment Piper. Really appreciate it smile.gif
April 03 2016 17:55:19
aleonzaleonz a perfect song to do a daydream Rob!
+1 April 04 2016 01:53:05 aleonzRobM
Thank you Alice, one of those chillout track to listen to as the day goes by slowly smile.gif
April 03 2016 14:49:56
TG_StratTG_Strat Wow beautiful playing on all three (or 4?) guitar tracks, I like the whole lot, some nice chords. If I would to mix it I probably would reduce the volume on the background nylon one a little bit and give the solo Nylon a little bit more , but that is a matter of taste. Very cool piece!!
+1 April 04 2016 01:52:18 TG_StratRobM
Thanks TG, only the 3 on this one. As for mixing, really appreciate the feedback as this area has always been a weak point for me. I tend to bring down the levels on the lead track so they'ren ot too loud, but I obviously over-compensate. smile.gif
April 03 2016 13:16:37
OB-LixOB-Lix Nice pîece of music to wake up with this morning! Tks RobM. Beautiful playing.
+1 April 04 2016 01:50:39 OB-LixRobM
Thank you for your kind comments OB smile.gif Glad you enjoyed the listen
April 03 2016 11:10:19
ShiShi another pretty piece from you Rob smile.gif
+1 April 04 2016 05:46:54 ShiRobM
Thank you Shi, so greatly appreciated smile.gif
April 03 2016 11:09:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantasticsmile.gif
+1 April 04 2016 01:49:39 Lenny CowlerRobM
Thank you so much Lenny smile.gif
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