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One indirect comment here was criticizing me saying about my voice that I have a gothic way of singing...

It surprised me but made me laugh.
I couldn't help myself responding to this in a creative way.

First I'd like to tell that I do respect any kind of music.
And Gothic is a kind of music. Even if I'm not keen on "Gothic", I confess that I've already contributed when studio working to a "gothic" album.
Second point is that I do appreciate critic, but when constructive and direct.
That said, I'm gonna drink a chicken's blood pint ^^

Dafunky and Haddock... It is great to spend some time with you playing together through my headphone.

By the way, I'd like to pay tribute to Mike66 our wiki pal.
I had a few talks with him on these days while doing this and he has a wonderful soul... ^^
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May 21 2016 09:17:00
AKchenAKchen Hip Hop Stan Grin cool voice guy Wink
+1 May 30 2016 11:06:49 AKchenFunkystan
I've missed your comment... Sorry^^
Thanks Andrea ^^
May 30 2016 14:09:51 AKchenAKchen
haha, that was the moment I detected you Wink
April 10 2016 22:35:11
CarpenterCarpenter Now that would be a cool one for the stage smile.gif
great vibe here, Stan...!

+1 April 11 2016 14:36:41 CarpenterFunkystan
Hi Chris, Yeaah... I have stage dreams on these days, Could be fun. Thanks a lot ^^
April 07 2016 00:19:01
LoBiasLoBias Mmmm, Gothic must be a metaphor for excellence ! smile.gif
+1 April 07 2016 12:13:13 LoBiasFunkystan
Many thanks pal^^ I well recognize your subtle style in your words... Excellent drummer and bass player anyway ^^
April 06 2016 23:59:25
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Just discover this great great one stan from my sejours in marais poitdevin smile.gif vibes au chant et a la gratte, t' a assuré grave
+1 April 07 2016 12:10:30 GuitarPlyrFunkystan
Many thanks mon pote, c'est sympa ^^ Et bon séjour dans le Marais smile.gif
April 06 2016 19:03:36
Mike_66Mike_66 Well deserved 22 thumbs up so far. I especially love the intro. Very professional production! Play listed too.
+1 April 06 2016 19:28:11 Mike_66Funkystan
Hey Mike, this one is for you bro'... Music is a way to answer for creative people. Many thanks for our talks^^
April 06 2016 20:30:53 Mike_66Mike_66
Thank you very much. Let see if I can add something to this song
April 07 2016 12:12:01 Mike_66Funkystan
Could be great... Just tell me you need anything around this (dry takes?) You can use it as you wish, cuts etc... smile.gif
April 05 2016 09:27:55
kennyadrykennyadry OH YeaH!!!! Grin Grin Grin I thought the intro voice was a woman having an orgasm! Grin
+1 April 05 2016 11:43:03 kennyadryFunkystan
smile.gif Usually doesn't sound like that ^^ You definitely have to ask your girl friend to send me lyrics, I guess she needs to write WinkThanks Kenny ^^
April 05 2016 11:53:58 kennyadrykennyadry
I asked her but she keeps on telling me that she doesn't have time. She was actually writing stories but she stopped doing so Sad
April 05 2016 11:55:49 kennyadryFunkystan
So we'll have to inspire her sending her tracks to lay on smile.gif
April 05 2016 11:59:35 kennyadrykennyadry
yeah! More than just inspiration!
April 04 2016 23:31:07
TG_StratTG_Strat wow this is top! I wish I was playing on this track, this is sooo cool!!!
+1 April 04 2016 23:42:37 TG_StratFunkystan
Hey TG… We can manage this. I can do a special mix for you… Just tell me^^ And by the way… Thanks a lot Pal ^^
April 04 2016 23:55:09 TG_StratTG_Strat
Well I think this one is as good as it gets mate. Short but perfect. We'll have to do another one though!!
April 04 2016 23:56:45 TG_StratFunkystan
I'd love that TG… Keep in touch ^^
April 05 2016 16:47:32 TG_StratTG_Strat
You bet!!
April 04 2016 23:17:00
ThekillermThekillerm Awesome. Sounds great.
+1 April 04 2016 23:20:57 ThekillermFunkystan
Many thanks Mike… The guys I'm playing with here are powerful… It was fun ^^
April 04 2016 23:03:05
MarceysMarceys Yeah man! That's a great job!
RHCP style! smile.gif

+1 April 04 2016 23:05:21 MarceysFunkystan
Hey Marc… Many thanks.. I'm exploring styles on these days… It was a fun job… ^^
April 04 2016 22:55:31
+1 April 04 2016 22:56:40 WHITEPONGOFunkystan
Thanks Pal ^^
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