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There should be enough room for any instrument and anyway vocals!
I would be glad if you feel it worth to join in, my friends.
The title and the little part within is my reminiscence to an old crazy madman that accompained my life in a very inspirating way :)


June 21 2016 00:32:51
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine job!
April 30 2016 03:03:04
SupJaxSupJax great sound & feeling. i like Lenny's drum backup, but solo guitar is such perfect. reminds me of an FF IX theme
+1 May 19 2016 21:30:36 SupJaxheliandros
to be honest, I don't know FF IX... would be kind if you explain, I love to learn smile.gif
May 30 2016 08:45:57 SupJaxSupJax
ahh.. i'm an idiot. i meant Final Fantasy 8 lol. ok, again Grin

FF8 is a japan role-play game, released in 1999 for playstation. 4cd's smile.gif

the music aspect in IX is far more impressive than in VIII, but this jam reminds me of BalambTown

i recommend VIII Opening as an epic scene/movie
IX Introduce for outstanding melodics
and the underrated X (deserved Angry) Cinematic because it's metal Grin
May 30 2016 20:21:23 SupJaxheliandros
wow, I'm more involved in PC Fantasy Games like Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age... but I'm glad to have found the right music to delight you smile.gif
April 16 2016 10:30:29
tullicbrtullicbr great!
+1 April 17 2016 12:00:07 tullicbrheliandros
Merci, tulli smile.gif
April 16 2016 02:47:58
PDMuzakPDMuzak Very nice and clean guitar. Love the chord structure. Also the title for the song is real catchy.
+1 April 17 2016 11:59:48 PDMuzakheliandros
Thank you for your kindness, PD smile.gif
April 16 2016 02:35:24
garymcmillgarymcmill Nice track.
+1 April 17 2016 11:59:18 garymcmillheliandros
Thx, Gary, also for following smile.gif
April 15 2016 21:30:29
JDFJDF Very flowing piece here. The kind of mellow feeling that pulls you right in. Very cool smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 11:58:08 JDFheliandros
That's kind, JD smile.gif
April 15 2016 21:30:26
WadeWade This is such a lovely and unusual
+1 April 17 2016 11:57:37 Wadeheliandros
Thank you very much, Wade smile.gif
April 15 2016 19:38:20
StefStef I missed this beauty Andreas! Beautiful acoustic track! smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 11:57:19 Stefheliandros
Glad you like it smile.gif
April 15 2016 18:59:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good! Sehr schönes Stück, perfekt gespielt! smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 11:57:02 frankyguitarheliandros
Danke, Franky, schön, dass es dir gefällt
April 09 2016 03:45:00
RickplayerRickplayer Cool playing
+1 April 09 2016 18:18:46 Rickplayerheliandros
thank you, Rick smile.gif

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