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A short sweet piece from Johnv in an old fashioned style. Sopranino without magic box adornment.


April 09 2016 21:59:32
aleonzaleonz oh your sopranino sounds so so lovely Wade, and it sing so gorgeous! so glad to find this track, classic touch, got a happy feet tapping a long the song smile.gif
+0 April 10 2016 11:49:50 aleonzWade
Oh how we like those "happy feet" The sign of success is to get those footsies tapping. Thanks so much Alice for the listen and comment.
April 08 2016 12:13:50
fannefanne Great playing,great sound!love the sound of a sopranino especially when played with right feel, excellent!
+1 April 08 2016 21:36:01 fanneWade
All thanks to you as the inspiration. If there's a jam in Germany in September we would have a chance to do this live.
April 07 2016 23:17:31
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great sopranino feeling on this cool guitar groove smile.gif
+1 April 08 2016 21:34:38 GuitarPlyrWade
Thanks GuitarPlyr. All done to match Johnv's lovely playing.
April 07 2016 21:04:42
BalfoBalfo Feels good!
+1 April 07 2016 22:02:23 BalfoWade
Thanks Balfo. Kind of skipping down the pavement music...singing in the rain without the rain.
April 07 2016 20:29:54
JeebsieJeebsie I'm now smiling, job done!
It sounds great Wadesmile.gif

+1 April 07 2016 22:00:57 JeebsieWade
That's certainly the job we wanted to do...thanks.
April 07 2016 17:49:25
kimbokimbo god... i love the sound of that lil ol thang!smile.gif
+1 April 07 2016 22:00:11 kimboWade
Well you'll probably hear too much of it in another 5 months.
April 09 2016 00:56:37 kimbokimbo
Nahh.... Nevr enough
April 07 2016 14:53:11
onewholeftonewholeft A great track guys
+1 April 07 2016 21:59:17 onewholeftWade
Thanks Lairdy. A bit of oldie fun.
April 07 2016 13:35:31
heliandrosheliandros oh wade, is this wonderful, not?
+1 April 07 2016 21:58:26 heliandrosWade
So glad you like. Was certainly fun for me.
April 07 2016 11:33:37
PsychoPsycho Great playing Wade... good to hear you again !!
+1 April 07 2016 21:58:05 PsychoWade
Good to have a few moments to listen to everybody and post something. Very busy right now.
April 07 2016 11:16:41
GuadañaGuadaña Awesome track!! I agree with titi, Parisian soundscapes here smile.gif
+1 April 07 2016 21:57:36 GuadañaWade
Aw shucks, it's just a little ditty. So glad that you and others have given it a listen and liked.

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