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Rockin the sofa tonight with my Lolita.. I love this guitar.. Thanks to Pico for building it for me!!


Needs drums, bass, and more heavynes... lol \m/.. all adds welcome...

Have Fun


April 09 2016 03:43:43
nuno1959nuno1959 I'm sure what you did to that sofa is illegal in
some countries, you be careful WoX !!! smile.gif smile.gif

+1 April 11 2016 23:07:56 nuno1959woXey
Lol... Vivo en España... El país corrupto.. Jajaja
April 11 2016 23:14:10 nuno1959nuno1959
Hasta en esto somos iguales Vecino.. Wink Wink
April 08 2016 11:45:08
carlottiscarlottis Very very good Wo Wink
+1 April 08 2016 23:53:33 carlottiswoXey
hay carlo!! thanks man!!! jump on with some drummin bro!!!needs the rythmn u know..
April 08 2016 08:04:41
UloisiusUloisius very cool guitar, your Sofa must be something special ;o)
+1 April 08 2016 23:52:43 UloisiuswoXey
Lol!!! thanks amigo Ulo!! i love my sofa sessions!! lol..
April 08 2016 05:05:04
WadeWade WoX RoX to the MaX
+1 April 08 2016 23:51:43 WadewoXey
Mad Wox Rox man!... lol.. i just got myself this sofa amigo Wade.. i dont know whats goin on with it but it makes me Rock!! Wink
April 08 2016 04:40:33
JeebsieJeebsie Cool tune and tone!
Who built your guitar?

+1 April 08 2016 23:50:20 JeebsiewoXey
Hey jeebsie!! Thanks for ur listen..

Incivanpico was the creator of this Beast.. she´s like Frankenstein´s Wife or sumthin.. loL i just love the sound she makes.. so unique.. she needs new strings tho.. Wink
April 09 2016 00:36:25 JeebsieJeebsie
It's shows you like playing itsmile.gif
April 08 2016 00:49:20
PsychoPsycho Oh yeah, another good one wox... saved smile.gif
+1 April 08 2016 23:48:04 PsychowoXey
Grin thanks man!! im happy u like my Lolita playin..Wink
April 08 2016 00:35:18
incivanpicoincivanpico Yeah!😁 brutal LOL😂
+1 April 08 2016 23:47:27 incivanpicowoXey
Just like She is... Wink she drives me on mysterious ways... lol..
April 08 2016 00:22:10
cody trippcody tripp cool
+1 April 08 2016 23:46:34 cody trippwoXey
thanks Maestro Tom!!! ;Grin
April 07 2016 23:56:12
ivaxivax Was!!como ruge esta Lolita,muy bueno Dami,molan los Rocks del sofá,je,je!!esperemos con bateria
+1 April 08 2016 23:46:14 ivaxwoXey
Ke pasa Xavi!!! ya te digo que si molan!! a ver cuando nos hacemos un Jam aqui en el sofa magico...!!! seria la caña!!! a la espera de ritmo estoyWink
April 07 2016 23:50:50
bhunt1bhunt1 sounds great - pico built if for you? that is cool
+1 April 08 2016 23:45:14 bhunt1woXey
hey man!! yes Pico himself bro! i dont know whats inside but sounds like a Rocket!"! lol..Wink
Sounds like: [ Sofa Rock Jam ]

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