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Zachary's song was perfect for this hymn I wrote. Sorry about weak vocals, today i'm fighting asthma...again :-(


May 08 2016 13:01:47
jjdfjjdf beautiful voice .... Wink nice perfom...
+1 May 08 2016 14:40:25 jjdfStella
Bless your heart. Thankyou smile.gif
May 05 2016 23:59:55
PsychoPsycho Great voice Stella... welcome to the loops. Some nice songs you have done so far. Do you sing any rock or pop? Leave room for some others to solo and you will find magic here smile.gif
+1 May 06 2016 00:05:21 PsychoStella
Thankyou. I don't think i have the right voice for rock, i'm angelic, you may have to wait until i get a sore throat lol Grin
May 06 2016 00:30:10 PsychoPsycho
Sure you do... doesn't have to be crazy rock smile.gif
April 30 2016 23:56:06
StellaStella LYRICS - The Messiah's Love

More than a man
Sings my soul
God in the flesh
Saviour come
More than a king
Lord of all
Heaven sent
Holy one

The Messiah's love
Knows no bounds
Beautifully perfect
Deep profound
He spreads His love
Wherever the wind blows
I can feel it in my bones
The Messiah's love
Knows no bounds

More than a priest
Light divine
Sent by my God
Into my life
More than love
So much more
I am His
I'm adored

- Chorus -

- Bridge -
Come Lord
Come Lord
To me
Come Lord
Come Lord
Lay Your love on me
Come Lord
Come Lord
To me
Come Lord
Come Lord
Lay Your love on me

April 30 2016 22:21:31
cody trippcody tripp Beautiful voice !! Love the message
+2 April 30 2016 23:27:38 cody trippStella
Thankyou Cody smile.gif
April 30 2016 18:15:45
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Wonderful! Ahh, we are suffering fellows! My asthma will kill me, sometimes. But I hope only in 100 years Grin
+1 April 30 2016 23:26:44 frankyguitarStella
Do you puff away on inhalers too, i overdose and then get the shakes lol Grin
April 30 2016 23:43:45 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
I have two different inhalators and one for emergency. But It's okay. If I use this, (now, two times a day, much birch pollen in the air) I have no problems. Only my outdoor sports (marathon running) I can not do. Sad
April 28 2016 08:59:07
FunkystanFunkystan Love it Stella... Superb harmony work.
There's a back noise on your track and I'd reaaly like to listen to your voice after a sound job... This way you'd be able to add back vocals on it. Could work great... (If no back vocals idea, ask your son smile.gif)

+0 April 28 2016 18:03:46 FunkystanStella
I'm rubbish at technology, this is my voice just 'raw'and my son is always next to me...the kid don't sleep :-0 Was in a recording studio for the first time Tuesday, but sang a cover!
April 28 2016 18:06:01 FunkystanFunkystan
Cool... I hope We and I'll have a way to listen to your take... If help needed around the takes and sound job... Loopers can help ^^
April 28 2016 19:49:38 FunkystanStella
Awww, bless your heart, people are lovely here :-) I can't upload the song cos it's a full song and it's a cover!
April 10 2016 11:56:51
aleonzaleonz Stella, so nice to hear your sweet voice, you sounds great, hope you getting well soon smile.gif
+0 April 11 2016 11:23:35 aleonzStella
Thankyou Aleonz ;-)
April 10 2016 02:14:14
StefStef Beautiful vocals Stella! Welcome! smile.gif
+0 April 10 2016 11:46:30 StefStella
Thankyou Stef! ;-)
April 09 2016 23:59:42
WikimarkWikimark Those vocals are great love it 👍
+0 April 10 2016 11:46:00 WikimarkStella
Thankyou Wikimark :-)
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