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Another Blues variation...I goofed on the count in the solo section where the ride kicks in, but it is a it all comes back around so not too hard to follow :) Wide Open for everyone.


April 16 2016 02:47:19
garymcmillgarymcmill Oh YEAH!
April 16 2016 01:28:26
KMstarKMstar thumbs seconds into this for tone alone, well done Dan!
+1 April 16 2016 01:29:30 KMstarKMstar
the rest deserves a second thumb but its a one handed voting system here
April 16 2016 01:39:37 KMstarDanalyze45
Thanks KM...I saw Pat Travers (again) recently and he played this cover of I've Got News For You...and his rhythm tone playing through BlackStar amps really caught me...clean but breaking up if you hit it hard. I LOVE it and tried to get that vibe here smile.gif
April 16 2016 01:49:42 KMstarKMstar
A friend of mine is jamming is working with Pat Travers son on an album.
April 16 2016 03:05:49 KMstarDanalyze45
Didn't know his son was into music
April 16 2016 03:06:45 KMstarDanalyze45
Pat has been a HUGE influence on me as a writer / guitarist forever smile.gif
April 16 2016 03:39:09 KMstarKMstar
I will let you know if my friend ever introduces me to Pat Travers, I will put you and wiki on the spot now lol
April 16 2016 03:57:57 KMstarDanalyze45
I met him twice back in Chicago...had a drink with him once. Both times very cool and down to earth guy. Totally dug that I played guitar in a Thin Lizzy tribute band and we gabbed away about the Lizzy tracks and guitar players smile.gif
April 16 2016 03:58:48 KMstarKMstar
Eould be cool if I could just to say I did and got to play some too Wink
April 16 2016 04:02:26 KMstarKMstar
sorry, would be cool, I have not met the man myself but I respect his work, It's actually a friend of my daughters from high school that is working with him and his son on some new music. If I get a hold of some tracks I will send them your way bro
April 16 2016 04:10:26 KMstarDanalyze45
That would be cool to check out. Thanks man! Let's hope Pat's son is a little better than Gary Moore's son Jack smile.gif Ooops...did I say that? lololol
April 15 2016 20:50:35
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)
April 15 2016 12:47:34
PsychoPsycho Great blues work buddy !!
April 15 2016 12:43:11
jjdfjjdf cool! Wink
April 15 2016 12:12:59
aleonzaleonz this kinda bluesy tune makes me feel relax, sweet track Dan!

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