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Patrik thanks for this great template, Martin and OB. Impressive LIX... with your permission I dedicate this song to my wife Susi that today is his birthday, and I have to pay a bit of attention,
always locked in the room of the music,
I think that life behind the Loops, there is so they say...
We met 31 years ago and hopefully forever


April 18 2016 23:46:52
WadeWade Wow, you've been together since you were 20? That's amazing. Happy birthday to Susi. She must be amazing to put up with a musician. Oh... almost forgot, good playing on this!
+1 April 18 2016 23:54:27 Wadeivax
je,je!!! Thanks wade, actually 30 years together, is almost all life, it when knew me I had a Rock band, patience and solitary days... now I am without band Rocker, I dedicate myself more time to the family
April 18 2016 10:04:50
kennyadrykennyadry Nice playing Ivax. Send my late happy bday greetings to your wife smile.gif
+1 April 18 2016 23:56:18 kennyadryivax
Thanks my Friend Kenny,Thanks from my wife
April 17 2016 21:48:32
aleonzaleonz Happy Birthday to your wife, wish all the best, and for both of you and family! you made a wonderful gift, can feel the great joy here!
+1 April 18 2016 23:58:09 aleonzivax
Thanks Alice,Thank you from Susi, she is an admirer of your voice
April 17 2016 19:35:36
NeronickNeronick Great! Great ears! smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 21:03:21 Neronickivax
Thanks Neronick
April 17 2016 17:52:31
jjdfjjdf great work! I do like this, your sound is fantastic, nice phrasing.., my friend!! happy birthday to Susi... smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 21:02:52 jjdfivax
Thanks Joäo,Thanks from my wife
April 17 2016 15:14:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
April 17 2016 15:09:27
PsychoPsycho Great job ivax... Happy Birthday to the wife smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 21:02:01 Psychoivax
Thanks Psych,thanks from my wife
April 17 2016 14:34:48
pklieschpkliesch Just great, ivax!!! Thank you for joining us and happy birthday to Susi !! smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 21:00:26 pklieschivax
Thanks Patrik,you have a special magic to get the perfect harmonies, I love to go with you
April 17 2016 21:01:11 pklieschivax
Thanks from Susi
April 17 2016 22:50:50 pklieschpkliesch
April 17 2016 14:09:24
Ernie440Ernie440 smile.gif Very nice Xavi! Happy B-day to your wife and many more! Many more jams too! smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 20:56:54 Ernie440ivax
Thanks Pudsy,Thanks from my wife
April 17 2016 13:50:54
aduadu Very nice Gift smile.gif
+1 April 17 2016 20:56:02 aduivax
Thanks Adu,very grateful
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