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Such a beautiful song by Alice.
I've added acoustic guitar lead in the middle.

Thank you Alice.


April 22 2016 18:34:05
heliandrosheliandros Hey Frankie, your solo sounds so good... and it's perfectly located... if you're in the mood to join in once again in my interpretation of Alice's beautiful song I would be delighted
+1 April 22 2016 22:32:51 heliandrosFrankieJ
Thank you heliandros.
I just heard your lovely add. I would be delighted to join you my friend but I do not wish to trample upon your add. Which is so sweet and fits so perfectly.
April 19 2016 00:46:32
PsychoPsycho A finer than fine job Frankie... great song and your guitar makes it even sweeter !!
+1 April 19 2016 20:18:23 PsychoFrankieJ
Thanks Psy.
April 18 2016 22:26:47
ROBJOLROBJOL I love this song. Guitar solo is discrete and perfect.
+1 April 19 2016 20:18:39 ROBJOLFrankieJ
Thanks Rob.
April 18 2016 13:10:49
PeixePeixe Great add Frankie. I wish I could hear more from your great nylon on this beautiful song.
+1 April 19 2016 20:19:14 PeixeFrankieJ
Thanks a bunch Peixe smile.gif
April 18 2016 09:42:52
kennyadrykennyadry Beautiful add to this great track Frankie smile.gif
+1 April 19 2016 20:20:09 kennyadryFrankieJ
Thanks kenny.
April 18 2016 08:31:15
TofzegritTofzegrit Each time I could see a new upload from you, I can wait but when there is the acoustic guitar symbol... I'm more excited smile.gif
You are a such nylon master Frankie🎵🎶 🎵

+1 April 19 2016 20:23:25 TofzegritFrankieJ
Thank you Tof.
Alice music has power over me smile.gif
April 18 2016 08:25:39
StefStef Always a great pleasure to listen your magic touch with acoustic guitar! A Perfect add Frankie! smile.gif
+1 April 19 2016 20:26:08 StefFrankieJ
Thank you Stef smile.gif
April 18 2016 06:01:59
HaffastHaffast Gorgeous!
+1 April 19 2016 20:26:36 HaffastFrankieJ
Thanks Haff smile.gif
April 18 2016 03:38:32
aleonzaleonz I knew it will be a super sweet add even before I hit the play button! and I'm not wrong, wish I made that empty part longer so I can hear more of your solo...but even in the short, you made that part shining so bright, so glad to get this guitar line from you Frankie! thank you very much!
+1 April 19 2016 20:29:14 aleonzFrankieJ
Thank you Alice.Such a beautiful song.
And you are welcome. Always a pleasure smile.gif
April 18 2016 03:17:47
jjdfjjdf nice add, Frankie! smile.gif
+1 April 19 2016 20:32:48 jjdfFrankieJ
Thanks jj smile.gif

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