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Thanks Mike and smooth!!


July 22 2016 01:14:28
piperpiper Very suave smile.gif
April 22 2016 20:36:17
AcousticegAcousticeg It's a smooothy....
+0 April 23 2016 01:59:05 Acousticegmortheol a fine wine..LOL
April 21 2016 13:55:26
petebasspetebass Hi Mosmile.gif great job Bro, nice tone and bass linessmile.gif
+1 April 21 2016 19:01:25 petebassmortheol
Thanks Pete...I am still trying to get a smoother & better tone out of my bass when recording. This one ended up with a tad too much gain, slight break-up.Angry
I'm Probably too hard on myself..
April 21 2016 19:03:45 petebasspetebass
Sounds great to me Mosmile.gif
April 20 2016 03:03:36
FishinmissioFishinmissio Wow..That is nice mortheol smile.gif Thanks for making this a better template..And I apprciate what you did heresmile.gif.. Thanks for making this a better tmeplate !
+1 April 20 2016 13:43:07 Fishinmissiomortheol
Thanks Fish..I want to learn more of this style and to sit back, not get in the way and let your wonderful sax playing just flow.
Thanks for the kind words.!smile.gif
April 20 2016 02:53:50
FishinmissioFishinmissio I think some of us know that smile.gif
April 20 2016 02:52:38
FishinmissioFishinmissio Whaat a great line you got happening here smile.gif Thank you for adding morheeol smile.gif
April 19 2016 20:35:37
davidaustindavidaustin so laid back...great track.
+1 April 20 2016 02:21:43 davidaustinmortheol
Thanks was smooth Jazz timesmile.gif
April 19 2016 06:10:37
frankyguitarfrankyguitar What a wonderful gentle flowing bass Ron! Wonderful add!!
+1 April 19 2016 18:32:34 frankyguitarmortheol
Thanks Frank! Grin
There were a few strange noises that come out in the mix, not sure why.
Smooth Jazz is definitely a new area of play for
I gave it a try..
April 20 2016 03:05:54 frankyguitarFishinmissio
You did just fine smile.gif
April 19 2016 05:20:09
GirardGirard Smooth operator here Morty! Gorgeous run my man!..i'm off to make more jammer stuff for ya
+1 April 19 2016 18:30:05 Girardmortheol
Well after "D-COMPRESSED" I need to slow down and give the ears a break. Try my hand at some smooth jazz..Wink
April 19 2016 18:32:34 GirardGirard
Lol haha I can't blame ya...
Sounds like: [ Smooth Jazz ]
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