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Frank, Seriouss, Allan... Many thanks guys. Singing with a great band is just fun.

I've tried to do my best around the sounding, ans I guess this track would deserve a remix. I wish I had the HD tracks, but...

I had a gift from a sound engineer after my last studio session (late 90's). A studio microphone. "Keep it, it may be useful a day..."
He was not kidding...
When Frank has recorded his template, my mic still was in its box for the late 90's and I couldn't imagine singing again.

Spontaneous singing and low equiped around the sound work. Best option was to record this the stage's old school way adjusting distances
No vol adjusting and almost no EQ and comp job on this.
It was challenging.
Light "plate reverb" an a slight "doubling" effect.

Any constructive feedback wanted and welcome.
If anything needed, just mail me.
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April 24 2016 11:16:04
AKchenAKchen perfect smile.gif
+1 April 24 2016 11:20:04 AKchenFunkystan
Many thanks... My first "love song" here smile.gif
April 22 2016 22:56:21
allan1970allan1970 Wow,Great add Funkystan,Its so cool,Amazing vocals and song.
+1 April 22 2016 23:03:27 allan1970Funkystan
Many thanks Allan... By the way, I guess this track would deserve a mix work. Do you still have your take?. If yes, it would cool ^^
April 22 2016 23:07:35 allan1970allan1970
Yes i still have it,,,will i post another remix to upload it.
April 22 2016 23:08:56 allan1970Funkystan
I send you a mail about it ^^
April 22 2016 14:17:36
CarpenterCarpenter great song; good it, Stan smile.gif
+1 April 22 2016 14:38:50 CarpenterFunkystan
Many thanks Chris'... I'm about to upload a new rocking one... ^^
April 21 2016 03:15:54
aleonzaleonz That deep tone from your voice sounds very cool Stan! great style , really enjoyed listening you sing in this song!
+1 April 21 2016 10:30:10 aleonzFunkystan
Thank you so much Alice^^ Still trying to redefine my voice's contours and training. This one was challenging. Sometimes deep, explosive, tempo changing, rounded transitions... Breath technics...(Singers talk^^) Thanks Alice^^
April 21 2016 02:10:52
garymcmillgarymcmill Excellent!!
+1 April 21 2016 10:17:47 garymcmillFunkystan
Thanks Pal ^^
April 20 2016 23:39:08
frenziefrenzie Great! Love your voice I used to play with a singer who had some similarities to your style he also liked bowie a lot smile.gif cool work!
+1 April 20 2016 23:40:20 frenzieFunkystan
Many thanks pal ^^
April 20 2016 21:32:29
cody trippcody tripp excellent
+1 April 20 2016 22:17:24 cody trippFunkystan
Many thanks Cody... I'm listening to your "rock tracks serie", awesome ^^
April 20 2016 18:59:48
Mike_66Mike_66 Awesome as always. Stan you rock!!!
+1 April 20 2016 19:02:31 Mike_66Funkystan
Many thanks Mike ^^ I'm doing my best... Great band with me here ^^
April 20 2016 19:03:22 Mike_66Mike_66
It's really in some way David Bowie-ish and that is great news!!!
April 20 2016 19:08:04 Mike_66Funkystan
He IS my only idol... That's a great compliment I hardly can't afford Mike Wink
April 20 2016 17:45:33
serioussseriouss The Stan, that sounds great smile.gif
+1 April 20 2016 17:49:46 serioussFunkystan
Many thanks Seriouss, your play is just spot on and great. Could be cool to highlight it through a remix. Do you still have your track ? ^^
April 20 2016 19:54:16 serioussseriouss
I will look this evening
April 21 2016 19:18:19 serioussseriouss
Hi Stan, I can not find the single drum track. Only is the MP-§ with Franks guitar sry
. Sounds good to me anyway, great singing
April 20 2016 17:30:35
MarceysMarceys Very cool singing Stan! Deep voice! smile.gif
+1 April 20 2016 17:47:59 MarceysFunkystan
Many thanks Marc. I'm still training, this one was breath/presure challenging... ^^
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