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Marvelous track by Yowild. Really great structure and should be helpful for guitar players who are numerous modes,..Solid additions by both Shumdrummer and DannyK

There were three different modes that you can use for this track
1st part - Am pentatonic or natural minor
2nd part - (I remember Yo asking me with this and during that time I still could not figure it out) C Phrygian mode. This is basically an F harmonic minor scale but your root note is C
3rd part - Interchanging of Eb minor and Eb major scale


June 12 2016 08:30:13
KeiKei nice aken kkooo
June 01 2016 18:06:10
SupJaxSupJax haven't been through session-tree yet. thx for the note in 63007, just had to check if you added something over here smile.gif
heavy lowtunes, i appreciate multitracks, fastpicking fits so great. melodic themes are way different from what i've heard in alternate lead adds. Kenny - shredding - party

+1 July 02 2016 09:04:53 SupJaxkennyadry
Thanks a lot man!
April 25 2016 09:48:42
YoWildYoWild Thanks a lot my friend. Wink
Great take on this

+2 April 25 2016 09:52:48 YoWildkennyadry
Thanks Yo! It took a long to time to figure out the red part on the middle Sad
April 25 2016 09:59:12 YoWildYoWild
Yeah this troble me as well Grin done great Wink i will do my version... so. fingers crosed Grin
April 25 2016 10:01:09 YoWildkennyadry
BE looking forward to that smile.gif
June 01 2016 18:10:03 YoWildSupJax
same here lol. this part wasn't compatible with many melodics. had to go for trippy picks&taps
April 23 2016 09:15:14
FunkystanFunkystan Top job and thanks for the modes talk ^^
April 22 2016 13:13:36
rockdevilrockdevil Wow,thats really good stuff....KILLER
April 22 2016 10:47:01
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Wow, this is excellent Kenny! Really Great playing and sound !!! smile.gif
April 22 2016 05:48:32
aleonzaleonz you really took this song up to the max Kenny, I know you play some complicated technical stuff, but you serve it in a very cool way that makes my ears can easily absorb this track , BIG WOW Brother!
April 22 2016 04:55:18
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very, very goodsmile.gif
April 22 2016 00:45:38
DannyKDannyK Very tasty'
April 22 2016 00:16:52
PsychoPsycho Very complicated, but sounds really cool smile.gif well done Kenny !!
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