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I appreciate the hand sack me to the center of the dance floor, made me forget for a moment, made me dream, let me fly to her side, I do feel free... Thank you Alice for your hand and your voice, and thank you Glez for showing me the wayshow lyrics


April 26 2016 21:35:38
titititi Spanish sandwich for Madame ! So fine,so.... Spanish strings you to. And Alice, beautiful singing of course Wink
+1 April 26 2016 22:17:00 titiivax
Thank you Titi,very grateful smile.gif
April 26 2016 20:32:47
abuitremoremabuitremorem great track smile.gif
+1 April 26 2016 22:12:49 abuitremoremivax
Thanks Abu smile.gif
April 26 2016 16:45:18
fjblancofjblanco Pure elegance!!!
+1 April 26 2016 22:09:23 fjblancoivax
hey Javi,gracias amigo,la furia española,je,je!!es que tira mucho,y la elegancia de Alice,un placer poder decir un dia,yo toqué con esta encantadora y gran cantante
April 26 2016 15:42:04
aduadu Fantastic , Xavi smile.gif
+1 April 26 2016 22:05:58 aduivax
Thank you Adu,Join wing band, there's room for crew members, it will be fun
April 26 2016 22:08:43 aduadu know me a bit to good my friend. I sit here and play with your track around and search my space Grin Man that´s cool smile.gif
April 26 2016 22:11:22 aduivax
April 26 2016 14:49:57
bhunt1bhunt1 another amazing track by all of you - fantastic combination of sounds smile.gif
+0 April 26 2016 21:41:15 bhunt1ivax
Thanks Bhunt smile.gif
April 26 2016 10:56:53
MoorMoor Excellent! Fantastic addition Ivax!
+1 April 26 2016 21:40:04 Moorivax
Thanks Moor
April 26 2016 10:45:27
GlezBassGlezBass Xavi you've outdone gracing Alice's voice with a touch of latin electric guitar, thanks for sharing your music and bring the jam. It has become a "round" song to pure flamenco chillout (flamenco chillout is a fusion of music that mixes flamenco and chill out for readers who are not from Spain)
+3 April 26 2016 21:36:34 GlezBassivax
Gracias Mario,realmente me he quedado sorprendido con la fusión que se ha creado,creo que esto es muy bueno,tiré a ciegas,siguiendote a tí,y acabé siguiendo a Alice,un compendio de cosas,asi es la musica,y así es wikiloops,la magia desde la distancia...

Thanks Mario, I really was surprised with the fusion that has been created, I think this is very good, I threw blindly, following your bass and I ended up following Alice, a compendium of things, so is the music, and so is wikiloops, the magic from a distance...
April 26 2016 22:24:57 GlezBassGlezBass
Muchas gracias mi amigo ha quedado muy bien, pero la jam sigue con un poco de piano en ---> 71227
April 26 2016 09:02:36
jjdfjjdf fantastic play... Xavi, so elegante, and tasty, smile.gif perfect...
+1 April 26 2016 21:28:18 jjdfivax
Thanks Joäo,I´m glad you like it
April 26 2016 07:31:44
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent playing with wonderful ideas to provide this Great song! Super Xavi!!
+1 April 26 2016 21:27:13 frankyguitarivax
Thank you Franky,my friend
April 26 2016 04:55:25
garymcmillgarymcmill Sweet add.
+1 April 26 2016 21:26:32 garymcmillivax
Thanks Gary

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