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Just a quick small lyrical addition to Cody's wonderful instrumental! Thanks for that! show lyrics


September 05 2016 23:28:17
kimbokimbo ..very marc girlGrin
July 24 2016 00:23:54
RobMRobM What a voice ! smile.gif
Total ear candy smile.gif

+1 July 26 2016 09:44:36 RobMMoor
Thank you Rob! smile.gif Much appreciated.
April 28 2016 00:22:04
onewholeftonewholeft A beautiful addition hope to hear many moor 🍻🍻
+1 April 28 2016 20:24:50 onewholeftMoor
Thank you Lairdy smile.gif
April 26 2016 22:52:53
sodawillowsodawillow Sir, you are a real mastro of the microphone. Pleased to hear you.
+1 April 27 2016 09:07:13 sodawillowMoor
Thank you soda.. smile.gif
April 26 2016 21:38:37
frankyguitarfrankyguitar WOW that's fantastic Moor!! Great voice bud!! I hope sometimes we have some jams together Grin
+1 April 27 2016 09:05:47 frankyguitarMoor
Of course! .. The way I currently work is.. I go the the new tracks page or my own page and listen to each track that passes the by.. the first one that grabbes my attentions gets my time in garageband.. LOL.. I have to us A method.. otherwise I go mental with so many good artists and songs to choose from here smile.gif
April 27 2016 10:02:24 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes! I know this problem, too many good music, every day fresh delivered, but too little time. I have accustommed myself a tree completely go back to the Beginning. And I'm also learning the tracks know from the wiki cellar. smile.gif
April 26 2016 20:58:09
GirardGirard Wow man you just deliver every time! Incredible!
+1 April 27 2016 09:04:17 GirardMoor
What ever I deliver it's inspired by you the wikiloops members I play with smile.gif Thanks Girard! smile.gif
April 27 2016 09:07:37 GirardGirard
I'm having too much fun with you guys. I can remember life before you , Pudsy, David,Morty and guys brought a whole new level of enjoyment for me. I'm thrilled all of you are here. I hope no e of you get sick of it and disappear like some people do!
April 27 2016 09:09:49 GirardMoor
I can't foresee the future.. but if it helps.. I made a very conscious choice coming here. smile.gif And have no plans going anywhere.. smile.gif I haven't been inspired for like ages... until I came here smile.gif
April 27 2016 09:11:33 GirardGirard
Wow that's really something to hear because from my perspective you are an amazing talent
April 26 2016 15:40:37
MarceysMarceys Beautiful man! smile.gif
+1 April 26 2016 16:13:30 MarceysMoor
Thank you Marceys smile.gif
April 26 2016 15:29:54
aduadu My feeling still does not deceive me. With you, we have recaptured a very versatile and great vocalist. Great Job! smile.gif
+0 April 26 2016 16:13:07 aduMoor
Well... thanks! smile.gif .. I get inspired by what you all on wikiloops put out there!.. awesome smile.gif
April 26 2016 21:00:27 aduGirard
I think he's saying he can't believe someone as awesome as you is here and sharing so much! You're great man
April 26 2016 15:29:21
cody trippcody tripp Love your vocals.
+1 April 26 2016 16:12:06 cody trippMoor
I'm glad you like the addition cody smile.gif and thanks for pulling it out of me smile.gif
April 26 2016 15:05:52
NeronickNeronick Secure timbre. Bravo!
+1 April 26 2016 16:11:26 NeronickMoor
Thank you Neronick smile.gif
Sounds like: [ cody tripp ] [ jazz ] [ improvisation ]

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