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This track is superb from Kenny. So challenging! It's been laying around in my DAW since the day Noah went, "hmm, I've got some wood in the shed, I think I'll make a boat".

Anyway, I don't have Mike Portnoy, or Mike Mangini or any of the other epic prog drummers on speed dial so I'll have to do. My shoulder is not too bad today but, after doing this loop, it was. The price of art!

Did my best to mix backbeats with phrasing to Kenny's guitars - a la Mike Portnoy who is the king of kick-arse fills whilst still fitting in. The track was done with a few punch-ins. And a fair few timing edits too! I hope it passes the test, Kenny!

I always promised myself I'd take this track on but totally forgot about it. Tonight I was in the mood. By the way, the odd-meter section is 13/4, not 13/8 (or 6/4 & 7/4). Either way. Who cares? What a laugh.


No reverb on the HD drums.

/My poor hi-hats


October 13 2016 06:25:25
PowellJamzPowellJamz So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 05 2016 09:20:11
bassapbassap wow - amazing track!
April 30 2016 13:30:16
aleonzaleonz Martin this is so cool, but please take care of your shoulder! gosh how can you made it , hope you getting better!
April 29 2016 19:59:42
Major 3rdMajor 3rd good stuff...interesting!
April 29 2016 13:18:39
JeebsieJeebsie Martin! You've done a cracking job on this one🤘😆🤘
April 29 2016 12:23:28
MarceysMarceys Great drumming Martin! This became an even more cool track!
April 29 2016 09:20:29
kennyadrykennyadry That drumming on the last part man! I can visualize Portnoy on it!
+1 April 29 2016 10:43:30 kennyadrympointon
Except he'd do mad things in 21/8 or something! Thanks, Kenny.
April 29 2016 09:17:53
kennyadrykennyadry Oh man!! Did you really have shoulder pain? This is a testament that you don't have it at all! Seriously seriously phenomenal take!

Thanks for the correction on the 13/4! I set my click to that stuff and thought it was the same, duh!

But you gotta rest that shoulder of yours! I am so happy with your take with this but we would be totally sad if your shoulder gets worsen! Anyways, you've proven that a musician just can't stop and just want to do it smile.gif

+1 April 29 2016 10:32:23 kennyadrympointon
Thanks, Kenny. Shoulder wasn't too bad yesterday so I thought I'd have a stab! I've got my first physio session today so it's a start.

I'm just glad you like it. The last section, now I hear it again this morning, is dragging a bit for me Frown

This is a brilliant template which I always meant to have a go at! Thanks, man!
April 29 2016 08:36:46
rp3drumsrp3drums awesome buddy!
April 29 2016 04:05:07
GirardGirard Amazing. One of the best tracks ever on Wikiloops. smile.gif Jammed it a bunch of times, gonna be uploading 4 versions smile.gif

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