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Sort of a Motown sound ,always leaning more towards James Brown in interpretation.Had a lot fun with this track Stan .This is a vintage Ludwig kit sound .Again great fun and playing .G


May 02 2016 17:06:25
jaeusmjaeusm Very nice! It shows me just how far I still have to go!
+0 May 02 2016 17:14:52 jaeusmFunkystan
I remind Dick's words when he commented. You've got the feeling man^^ Let's ask G. and Martin to add a bassline smile.gif
May 02 2016 23:59:12 jaeusmDrumshticks
Yes but please don't ask me to play bass. I have only focused on drums being seasoned ,thats a polite term for old.G
May 03 2016 00:02:39 jaeusmFunkystan
Lol... Nice drums play for an old guy G. smile.gif
May 02 2016 16:23:06
FunkystanFunkystan Hey guys is it my birthday? Three drums add in two days... Each one is different and sounds great... The motown touch works great... Many thanks G smile.gif
I'll try to add on each one, it'll allow me to explore each "colour"...
For sure guys I'm gonna make more templates, 'cause i love your adds ^^

+0 May 03 2016 00:10:50 FunkystanDrumshticks
I've watched numerous videos on James Brown's two main drummers. Rather infectious just slight changes in the beat make a huge difference in the song . Thanks for templates it's always so much fun to get a shot at a raw idea being developed.G
May 03 2016 00:14:04 FunkystanFunkystan
Yep G. And great pleasure to be joined by you... I'm gonna prepare other R&B templates. I'm working on a JB sounding one. I'll wait for you on this smile.gif
May 02 2016 16:09:05
mpointonmpointon Lol. Great timing, Shticks! I've just uploaded against the same template less than 10 minutes ago! Grin

Great attitude and feel with this add from you and agree very much with the motown analogy!

+1 May 02 2016 16:25:13 mpointonFunkystan
Great timing is the great drummer's signature smile.gif
I'm and we loopers are lucky players... ^^
May 03 2016 00:04:49 mpointonDrumshticks
Thanks Martin that kit in Addictive Drums is rather front and center with the overheads.Liked your playing, great use of kick through out and empty space in the beginning.G
May 03 2016 00:06:46 mpointonFunkystan
Hey G. I guess you've replied to me... Martin won't have the message ^^
May 03 2016 00:08:12 mpointonmpointon
I got the message!

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